News: Internationalwomensday/BlackPanther/Thetrainofdeath/Manchesterunited

News: Internationalwomensday/BlackPanther/Thetrainofdeath/Manchesterunited


First and foremost, BLACK PANTHER HAS MADE THE ONE BILLION mark I set for it. Whoop whoop and it would officially be a Month this week a black movie. Yes we are blessed and I quickly want to correct the Senator Ben Bruce regarding his statement about Nollyhood being able to do the same. Sir 200 Million was invested in making that movie that it is today, Nigerian movies barely spend  5 to 10 million and I am talking of the ones that make it to the cinemas and are hits like wedding Party etc Tell me how we can do that when the budget is so small and the actors are not even paid properly and you want them to bring out such a movie? We are not there yet let us just free till we start getting our priorities right in our country and our Lawmakers are not being paid so astronomical a salary doing nothing while other professions suffer. By the way someone should tell the twitter Senator we have not seen anything he has done differently compared to those that have been there before him. So much promise so little output just like the rest of them. Let me just stop here and not ruin the Black Panther sweet mood I am in #Wakandaforever


International Women’s day…


I know I have said something regarding this on Friday, but it is never enough to celebrate those special women in our lives that have shown nothing but love, sacrifice, affection. They have left a piece of themselves in all of us and we must take the chance to celebrate them each time we get the opportunity to. I remember the time I hurt my toe seriously, it was a Saturday, she carried me on her back and took me straight to the hospital which was far from home, she was more worried about me than I was about myself and her encouraging words kept me calm amidst the pain. This is just one of many beautiful stories about my awesome selfless mum. She is my hero for the week. I love you mum. For all the little bottoms you have wiped, the throw ups you have endured. The worry when we fall sick and the satisfaction and excitement for all our accomplishment this is us celebrating those super women.


Manchester United vs Liverpool.


It is with great Joy I announce that Manchester United defeated Liverpool. Mourinho showed once again he still has it tactically and showed Klopp just how good he can be. Two Rashford goals from long balls from Degea and flick and bullying from Lukaku did it for United. Though an own goal from Eric Bailly made it an intense end but United had the game under control throughout the second half. Take a bow Mourinho next up the Champions league.


The Train Accident…

It is with regret and pain I write about the tragic Train accident in Ikeja days ago. An eye-witness said she had her earpiece on and phone in hand and couldn’t hear the call of people when it happened. The Victim was a Corp member. May her gentle soul rest in peace. Please this is a warning to stay off the earpiece and phones when walking on the road or driving. Let us concentrate we just have one life to live and those messages can wait, those emails can wait. That favourite music can also wait. When you are gone someone else would get that job, would reply those messages. Stay safe people.


This week I will be reviewing a Nigerian Movie, though it is old I just loved it. THE ARBITRATION 

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