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Black Panther Review…

Black Panther Review…



To all the beautiful women out there I want to say thank you, for the love, sacrifice and priceless gift you bring to this earth, on behalf of everyone we say thank you.

It is not just a celebration for you, but a celebration for all because you all make the world shine and you all add color to it. Kisses!!



Now to the much-anticipated review… Trust me I have waited for this as much as you have, and I am humbled to write this. For a movie with a budget of 200million dollars hitting 900Million in just 20days, that is not even up to a month that is astronomical, but I have not come to write about that today. So let us begin #Wakandaforever.

The story continues from Captain America’s Civil war, where after T’challa lost his father and went after Bucky and Captain America tried hard to protect his friend, he decides to go back home after realizing that Bucky was brainwashed. But before he goes back to go take his rightful place on the throne he makes a quick stop to get his ex-girlfriend Nakia (who is undercover) which he obviously still has feelings for amongst the Chibok girls. He wanted her to be by his side when he is crowned King. The normal ritual before being crowned is calling out for anyone to challenge for the throne which Mbaku from the Jabari tribe tries to do to no avail. T’challa after being crowned is cut between hiding Wakanda from the world as the old tradition as been or sharing the advanced technology with the world something Nakia wants but the elders including Okoye the general of the Dora Milaje doesnt fancy. But that is held up when Klaw is located by the surveillance of the Wakanda spies, he had stolen Vibranium from Wakanda and killed the family of many. So, they needed to catch him and bring him to book. To cut the long story short and not ruin the movie for those that still have not watched it (what are you still waiting for really?) Tchalla had to face family for the throne and put his trust in a seemingly foe to win back the Throne.


Now to my review; Mbaku was the best character for me I am sure he was for most people, the scene where he was talking to Agent Everett and said “One more word from you and I will feed your flesh to my children” then fear could be seen on the agent’s face before he laughed and continued, “I am only joking we are vegetarians” (in his thick accented voice was amazing) was the best line of the movie for me. He thrilled the viewers and was a delight to watch. My next best character would be Shuri, very wise, would give Tony stark a run for his money, I dare say she is better than Stark and for her age that is amazing believe me, she is like the James Bond’s Q to Tchalla and I cannot wait to watch her compare notes with Stark and annihilate Tony’s technology. Who knows she could be the next Iron man.


Okoye is next, the general. She was simply amazing. Her love for her country was more than the love she had for even the love of her life. Her allegiance was with the throne and that is someone you want by your side through thick or thin. Next up is Micheal Jordan’s Eric Kilmonger’s character. He redeemed himself after a woeful play as flame  in the fantastic 4. We cannot actually blame him totally the script was shitty, but he more than redeemed himself with this villain role and we are truly proud of the young actor.


The costumes where amazing, the scenery was just spectacular. The fight scenes and accents were great. Chadwick Boseman is now the hero for the black kids, he totally embodied the Black Panther role and took it to another level.

The storyline was amazing and truly showed how the African setting looks like and how we fight our battles. It also showed Africa in a positive light which is needed. It gave hope that an All black cast can break records and become a wonderful movie. The characters where amazing and the costumes did justice to the culture. I could go on and on but let me stop here before I write a novel on the movie lol.

black panther fountain scene


  1. Believe in yourself and your abilities.
  2. You need few good people around you that can tell you the hard truth when you need to hear it not just a whole lot of yes men.
  3. Change is the only constant thing in life but being the change and making that change would come at a price because not everyone wants to change.
  4. Africa is beautiful, we have so much more to offer the world if we can take out our personal greed and do things for the greater good.
  5. Never ever look down on anyone, any tribe, any race or culture. Respect people and try to live peaceably with all, who knows that person might be the help you need down the line. Mbaku eventually helped Tchalla, if he did not show mercy at the beginning he would have gone the way of his ancestors quick.

Out of 5 stars I am giving it a FIVE!!!.. Yes it made such an impact… Next up Infinity war, DC what are you going to do about it?

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