Marriage decisions/ GuinnessBookofRecord/Money swallowing Fish.

Why do singles want to get married this era?


Before I go into the write up for today, I have decided to ignore the “acclaimed fish” that swallowed millions, it is all a joke and nauseating to say the least. Nigeria grow up. On to better news.

We stand together with Olubayode Treasure Olawunmi who has been reading aloud for a day and hours now. He is attempting to break the record for the longest hour at a stretch reading aloud #GuinnessBookofRecord #Olubayode #Reading. I wish him all the best and hope he breaks the record let’s go Nigeria…


Now over to the write-up…

why do we get married 

I Have watched with keen interest how the single folks of our time go about their lives; how social media has played a major role in shaping the lives of the youths and how peers have contributed in defining a lifestyle which if deviated from one is seen as the outcast. But the one question which is a burning topic at the back of my mind is why do young people really want to get married? Does love still inform such decision or are other factors quickly taking the place of the good old love feeling? How much of a role should family play when it comes to Marriage? How much does Money also play considering the economic situation we presently are in, in this side of the world. What about friends? How much of a role would they play? Tribe, believes? Just to mention a few.


Love to me should still be key when it comes to Marriage. What is love should be the next question. It is a conscious decision to care for, be kind to, suffer long with, be selfless for, sacrifice yourself for, be patient with (just to mention a few). That is the true meaning of love, not some feeling that fades like the wind. If there is no love then brother and sister there is no point.

Yes there should be basic things before marriage should be consented to like both parties working no matter the wages or salary so they can help build the home but while this is important it shouldn’t be taken out of context. Building a legitimate empire filled with wealth isn’t done over night, it takes time some longer while for others shorter, but time is essential and it is better when you both build your empire together but this days many are looking for ready-made spouses, even the men are not left out in this era. They laze around looking for accomplished women, while women want to have all the comfort and go for the made man without checking his character or behaviour or even the compatibility of them both. Do not let the pressure of competing with your peers for the richest spouse lead you into a lifetime of regret and torment. In as much as Money answereth all things. The love of it is the root of all evil. Be wary if all a man or woman can offer is money. Know that marriage is not all about the money, character is involved, kindness, communication and generally where the spouse’s heart lies. To be continued…..


I would look at other reasons this time next week on why Youth of this era get married. Watch out!!!

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