News: Black Panther; Formula One, Yobe kidnapping, Manchester clubs etc..

News: Black Panther; Formula One, Yobe kidnapping, Manchester clubs etc..



black panther fountain scene

I know you might probably be tired of me and this Black Panther but I am making sure if you have not watched it, you go watch it… It is worth every hype and I will give you this week before I spill the beans… Friday is the day people for the review. Now to the juicy story about Wakanda. Did you know Jordan enacted Killmonger for 9 months before acting his role no wonder it came out so good? Do you know in two weeks Black Panther has grossed 700 Million dollars and counting? People the goal is to take it to a Billion and more, we can do it.


Also are you aware that there is an Ancient hidden city in Benin kingdom of Nigeria known with a similar name (maybe not the spelling). Do you also know that it is believed that the Palace of the King of Benin is like another city on its own with a full size zoo? Do you also know Nigeria was predominantly used in the Black Panther movie and that recent events and happening where sweetly mixed up with fictional drama and action in the movie? Amazing right. You should watch the movie because for the first time, Africa was represented in a good light not as a country with problems but as a culturally beautiful and diverse continent with amazing abilities. This is Africa to the world and you cannot be any prouder. Show some love go watch the movie. Wakanda forever.. Africa lives on…


Formula One..

Mercedes car 2018

The Formula one season would soon get on the way and the formula one companies are beginning to roll out their new cars for the season. The Mercedes have stuck to what has worked over the years for them with a little width in front to help with the slower more curved track in a bid to catch up with the Ferrari cars. The Ferrari also are not left behind with little more adjustment of their own to try to match the speed of the Mercedes on the fast track. Nothing has been heard yet from the Redbull’s camp as at Press time but I am sure everyone is getting ready for the new season and we Formula one lovers cannot wait.



Kidnapping in Yobe


News filtering in is that 110 girls have been abducted by the deadly Boko haram group though they have not come out to claim they carried out the act. It is so sad that in this supposed time and age such an activity is still going on. Not one or two or twenty but a whole hundred and ten students kidnapped just like that. What happened to our security intelligence agencies, what happened to those appointed to protect the lives of the civilians? They were taken in Dapchi, a town in Yobe state in Nigeria and we can only pray they are found soonest and brought back alive and safe. The annoying part was the Minister of Information going on about it being a political ploy by the opponents to discredit the party towards the election in 2019. How low can we get in a nation as ours? Playing politics with the lives of young children. It is a new all-time low for me. All I can say is, may God help us in a nation as ours.


The City of Manchester…

mancity carabao cup

It is a weekend for the Manchester club while Manchester city won the Carabao cup totally humiliating Arsenal unsurprisingly (sigh) but I wouldn’t focus on that, hey I am a United fan, I am allowed to be biased atimes lol. The defeat of Chelsea by Manchester united was my very own highlight for the day. Lukaku proving everyone wrong by scoring against a Big six, also assisting and picking up the Man of the Match award was great and a delight to behold. What made it extra special was coming from behind to take it. Kudos to the players and the special One for getting one against his former club…


Have a splendid week and remember “ALWAYS GO FORWARD no matter what”….

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