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A good friend asked me, why the noise about Black Panther and the nation of Wakanda. Why all the buzz and fuss about it and I answered simply It is everything Africa can and should be and more. It shows our culture and heritage, our pride and colour. Our style and heroism and it shows we black can hold our own and make a massive hit in an almost all black cast. Yes I am proud because the director is black. He was the one that directed the movie CREED. This is huge!!


Black Panther also has grossed more in four days what Justice League took three months to do. We are going to a Billion and we can all do it. Go all out and watch that movie again and again till you know every line from it. So I read somewhere why Black Panther is doing better than Justice League with all its Super Hero.


Firstly Black Panther is a King of a nation just like Aquaman, He got Amazon women fighting alongside him, just like Wonder woman. He is extremely rich like Bruce (Batman), more if you ask me. He is quick, quicker than Captain America maybe not as fast as Flash but he is fast. He got technology working for him. Some may argue there is the man of steel. But the man of steel is vulnerable to magic and if Black Panther can have the rarest metal on earth; Vibranium he can also get Krytonite (Just saying). I hope you had a good laugh. Now go and watch the movie before I write my review. #Wakanda the Revolution shall be televised.



Monkey Business…

When I heard the news about Monkeys stealing 75million from a senator’s farm-house, it was not funny at all. What is this nation turning into? For everything that is holy, sane and pure why are this people trying so hard to be funny and irritating all at the same time. What is a senator even doing with that amount of money in his farm house and not a financial institution? I will not dwell on this because it is not worth my time or energy but my country is fast becoming a zoo and one day when the animals will revolt against all this false allegations we will all be here. 2019 is almost upon us. Go get your PVC and vote wisely both Senators, House of Representatives, Governors and the president. Go and seek information before you vote anybody.


Tiger Woods is back!! I have been trying to hold it back just a little to make sure the injury would not come back (I hope I have not jinxed it) but I respect this man who has gone through many surgeries to play a sport he loves dearly. I can only wish him well and hope he hits the heights again. It is possible and if Federer can do it, Tiger can.



why do we get married

After listening to a story of someone, I asked myself this question, why do people get married? Is it because they seek to know the thrills of sex in a legal way (not like it is stopping the youths of today) or is it because of the security to feel they would get? Is it because of the pressure of society or is it because of the cute babies they would have. Why? What is your reason? I hope to share my thought on this topic and relate with you all in the coming weeks.


The Clan: Revelation

The Clan cover revised

So the countdown starts for my first ever published Novel…. I am so excited because this project was burn when I was in a low point in my life. I hope when it is out you all would enjoy the experience of reading it as I had the pleasure of writing it. I will be updating you all about it as time goes by. But it is going to be on Amazon for those that cannot wait for the official launch of the hardcopy and are not in Nigeria. Anticipate, get your Cards, cheque book and cash ready for this amazing book.


Have a wonderful weekend and remember, only you can determine the heights you get to, so keep fighting till you WIN……



Picture of the Day: Nigeria’s Bobsled Team at the Winter Olympics 2018…

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