The News (with a twist)…

The News (with a twist)…

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Hope your weekend was great, mine was awesome (I worked all through the weekend). Still in the Wakanda spirit, If you have not watched it… BLACK PANTHER I mean, where have you been like seriously? The Number 1 movie in the world that I have not watched, you also have not watched. Lol.


Now to stories happening in the world…


Drake’s philanthropy


So Drake decided to give back to the economy by giving out loads of money to people in dare need of it. It was amazing to watch as many could be seen breaking down in tears and hugging him. He took it a step further and went to a mall and told everyone he would pay for everything they shopped for. He said it himself, this is the most selfless act he had done and that is how life should be. Those that are privilege should give back to the society and help those struggling. Touch a life and you would have affected many. You will not be remembered by how much you have but the lives you have affected.


Emmanuella in a Hollywood Movie…


Oh yes!! You read the headline right. Emmanuella the little comedian as just landed a role in a yet to be mentioned movie by Disney studio. Who says miracles don’t still exist. She posted it on her social media page thanking God. I am so happy when a Nigerian does the seemingly impossible and excels. Thumbs up Emmanuella keep making us proud. On the side though, Our Senate President as invited Emmanuella to the Senate due to the announcement and I was thinking, they had to wait for her to blow before inviting her typical Nigerian style wanting to associate themselves with a success story instead of helping those that need the platform to be successful, Anthony Joshua comes to mind. I hail ooo all our distinguished senators.


Trump foaming over Non-invite…

News reaching us is that Trump has not been invited for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. He seemed disappointed that he was not invited when asked about it and to rub salt to the injury the Obamas got an invite. Oh well what can I say, He cannot handle few hours of being denied going for a wedding but as insulted every other person and said they should leave his nation. Who am I to judge though, he probably would get an invite soon but we must warn him, if he does go he should watch out for my black cousins because we will be giving him hot dance steps and taking enough barbecued chicken lol. I am not judging oooo…


Olympics: Skeleton

Picture of the day goes to the Nigerian who made History as the first Nigerian, African and Black woman to compete in the sport of Skeleton at the Winter Olympics!! Take a bow SIMIDELE ADEAGBO!!!

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  1. Eya….. The Cheeto is feeling emotional that he wasn’t invited to the wedding. Boo freaking hoo!! I’m sure he’s more triggered by the fact that the Obama’s were invited than he not being. With all that money and power, the dude cannot buy the class that The Obamas exude with ease.

    I’m still in awe at seeing Nigeria being represented at the Winter Olympics. For the first time, little kids from all over Africa can see role models digging it out in that mythical white substance called snow and not feel defeated by it. I’m sure by next winter Olympics, more countries will compete to qualify as well as in more categories. It’s a great day for Africa.


    • You got it right, by the next Winter Olympics, Africans are going to take that white substance(as you called it) by storm. We coming to take over. The Revolution shall be televised #Wakandastyle lol. When Jayz said you can’t buy Class this is the classic example of what he meant lol…… T21


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