World News…

World News…


The Florida shooting..

It was another black day for Americans when a young man, went into a school and opened shooting on children. It is even more terrible considering it has become a yearly event to have at least two every year and the call for Arms restriction have fallen on deaf hears. We all know how the American institution is so well placed but the question is, is it really well placed when the supposed leaders of tomorrow and future of a nation are being slaughtered everywhere for selfish and annoying reasons. There is no excuse for taking another person’s life when he cannot even defend himself. We have called on past presidents to enact a law giving very easy access to this instruments of pain, death and destruction (I am not going to blame Trump alone on this) but it seems they prefer to play politics on this subject and give a press conference or a well written heartfelt speech on how the nation should start together in this time and it should make them stronger not weaker blahblahblah. We are tired of all the talking, it is time to take action and for once in Trump’s reign as President, he should do something good and enact strict restrictions to sell of this weapons of mass destruction. To think it is only my continent that as this issues. This is a reminder every continent needs help. May God help us all.


Jacob Zuma Resigns…

 jacob zuma

Yes you read it right, I woke up to the news that the South African President Zuma tendered his resignation after the outcry of the youths in the country. I was amazed and at the same time happy for Africa. The Revolution is upon us (Sorry Wakanda came to mind). First it was Zimbabwe and now South Africa, thank God the youths are beginning to see the light and people are taking actions and not just words on social media platforms, I just hope my country Nigeria can tow this line and take our destiny into our own hands. But a sound of warning to all African countries though. All this would have been pointless if the people coming to replace them are just as corrupt.  Something just came to mind though, so what happens to the Statue in Imo state of Zuma now that he has resigned (Thinking out loud in Ed Sheeran’s voice). Maybe if Okorocha, Governor of Imo state puts your statue up you are bound to leave office soon, Johnson Sirleaf is also another example. Can he by any chance put up Buharis and Sarakis too, Just saying…………. Passing through while sipping my tea.




Do you know that the movie BLACK PANTHER is out?!! Do you know that it is the best movie of 2018 yet? Do you know that there are two clips at the end (Please don’t be in a hurry to leave, enjoy your money till the very end). Finally do you know I am not about to spoil the movie for you today…. Yes not today but soon lol.


Photo of the day: Alexis Ohanian being fed by Dad while they watch mum, Serena Williams play.

alexis ohanian watching mother

Finally Happy birthday to a follower, reader and contributor of this blog Lulutheclosetsnub. God bless you bro…

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  1. The shoot out is disheartening but the more disheartening thing is that the world doesn’t see as a problem.
    T21 did you observe the rise in cases of rape with minors. Nigeria is playing it’s own politics with the children.
    Yepa for the ones not born.


    • Like I always say, we all have a major part to play in making sure in this unsafe world we create a safe place for our own, and not just our own but our neighbours too. May God help us all…. T21


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