The News (The Valentine Week)…

The News (The Valentine Week)…


In few days’ time, Valentine would be upon us that special day where many would express their love, the same love they did not express over 364 days but feel they can put it all together into one day. Well by the few lines up you know I am not a fan. I believe love should be celebrated just one day but every day. If you come to me though and tell me to celebrate the life of St. Valentine, gladly I can do that, he was a good man. Over to the stories that I would love to share for the week.


Money-swallowing Snake… Osha pra-pra…

efcc tweet

 Okay Nigerians I thought I had seen it all till the news of a money swallowing snake came to our consciousness through social media, now the amazing thing about the snake is, it swallows in millions, not just thousands or hundreds, Wawu!!! I am sitting here wondering to myself, Nigeria is becoming one big joke!!! Jamb com’on sell us something more believable, I am sure there is one more lie out there that can fit the bill than the lame-ass (pardon my manners) the money eating snake. So this special snake isn’t carnivores anymore, it transformed to a Moneyvores (totally my word if it gets approved, and I should also be paid royalty for it lol). The true story though is that the Clerk embezzled the money and when the auditing team came over that was the best excuse she could come up with. The EFCC picture below did justice to it though. You be the judge.

The Super Eagle’s Jersey…

New nigerian jersey

Who has seen the New Super Eagles Jersey, it is amazing and nice. I particularly enjoy it because it calls to mind our very first World cup appearance in 1994 and something of the same Jersey was used. I hope to God the boys can make us proud in Russia, we have kuku sent Ahmed Musa to prepare the grounds for us (if you didn’t know he made a move back to CSKA Moscow of Russia from Leicester. You can thank me by asking me for my account number. Lol).

lagos city marathon

In other news the Lagos City Marathon by Access Bank was a huge success, Lagosians came out for the occasion, well not everybody was there for the actual reason which was the marathon but at least people came, to unwind, chat, take pictures, meet celebrities and take picture with them. Seal deals (believe me some came to do that), meet bae or boo. Whatever your reason hope you got what you were looking for. As usual the East Africans came and represented and did what they know how to do best win the event. The Winner for the male category was Kenyan-Born French Athlete Kiprotich in 2hours 15minutes.. while for the female category Alemenesh Herpha Guta from Ethopia won the 42km race .

In the Nigeria category, Iliya Pam kept his promise to successfully defend his title as he finished ahead of his compatriots in a time of 2.40.16.

Sharabutu Philibus was the second Nigerian to cross the finish line while Williams Keffas made the podium in third place with a time of 2:58:16


The Peugeot 3008


Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the latest addition to the Lion family. It is the elegant, the impressive, one of a kind 3008. I will be diving into what the car can and cannot do, this is just to water the ground, for all my car lovers get set to be amazed at this technologically advanced beast. No jokes (Valentines is in few days, and I am collecting gifts ooo, don’t mind what I wrote up there, can’t somebody play with you all. If you want to gift me the 3008, I will receive it and pray for you with all my heart). The good thing is, it is in Nigeria already….Watch out!!!


OLX exit Nigeria..

Few days ago I got the news about OLX closing down their office in Nigeria, and I felt sad, yes sad for the people that would have lost their jobs in this hard time in Nigeria (no matter the compensation it can never be equated to having a job), their source of livelihood, what they have been using to feed their families, those that rely on that little income that seems to have seized from existing. The official report stated by management is that they are restructuring and had to close offices around the world but unofficially we cannot take away the fact our economy may have played a huge factor in the closure. 2019 is not far, this is a cry for us to do the right thing. The Economy needs to bounce back, we need an economy that can encourage businesses to grow so our youths don’t keep losing their source of livelihood. It is well with Nigeria. I pray the families affected bounce back quickly. Amen!!!


Lekki Tollgate fee and the Protest…

 So after I brought the news last year that the proposed increment in the tollgate fees was suspended by Lagos state Government when there was an uproar. It seems the management are at it again and there was increment done in February. They stated many reasons for this increment but I am as surprised as many out there what the reason for the increment really is? They make Millions every day, they talk of maintenance but how many times is that really done on the roads? And the news about Lagos state also buying back the contract and all? Really I feel the whole citizen of the state need to see the books and let us be the judge if truly an increment is needed. Because if you ask me this is another way of embezzling money. The residence protested last week regarding this, demanding for their rights, let us see where this leads in the coming days.

Until we start holding our leaders accountable, we will not make headway as a nation to be honest..

ed sheeran- perfect

Song for the Week: ED SHEERAN- Perfect, the one featuring Beyonce is not half as bad…

Welcome to Wakanda… It is not just a movie… It is a movement!!!! Who is excited, I know I am!!!

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  1. Nice piece Tobi, love it all. On the Snake matter am still finding it hard to phantom how a snake can swallow N36m my goodness, then in this modern era they just kept money inside the office, and not in a security safe. Nigerian jersey rocks hard even on international level had a lot of my white friend loving it like mad.
    Finally Peuoget decided to get dem a jeep I hope it is not one of those follow the trend car. Black Panther my gawd we go watch.🖒✊ keep doing us proud Tobi God bless those hands that you write with inspiration in your head


    • Thanks your words make it worth it. Regarding the snake money, please do we somehow have shortage of banks now lol cause I am still not understanding to be honest. Well I would be talking on the specifications of the Car with a staff of Peugoet, so that we can know what to expect. That Jersey is now on my To-do-list… More like to have list lol.. Thanks brother….. T21


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