This is the News with a bit of Spice….

This is the News with a bit of Spice….

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The Home-based Eagles went to Morocco without any expectation from them, most Nigerians did not give them a chance so most of us did not bother to watch the matches, but being aware of everything going on around me, I kept my eyes on the results and being patriotic I half hoped they did something impossible regardless and the boys without much training did the impossible. They strolled all the way to the final(I won’t call it strolling if you ask me though), against all odds they made themselves proud, their family proud and the whole nation proud. Though you would say it was a whitewash, even a stomping by Morocco the host nation; the boys can hold their heads high considering the road to Morocco. I was one of the doubters turned believer and I am so proud to be wrong about the group of players who have made a nation proud regardless of the state of our league, which if I must say is improving under the League Management crew but they still have a long way to go. I am also sad because I told a brother that, Nigeria being in the final would make many Nigerians  watch the final of the CHAN competition and we may most likely loose and it sadly came to pass. Better luck next time boys. By the way the match ended 4-0. Oh yes it was that bad *wink*

The Fearless Reverend…

So I was on Instagram and I saw a clip from the burial of the late former Vice president of the Federal republic of Nigeria. The dignitaries all over Nigeria included Governors, Ministers, and Aspirants to different political positions just to mention a few, but that was not what caught my eyes. It was the man tasked with preaching the word. He was awesome, fearless and blunt. He was witty, wicked (depends on which side of the spectrum you are looking at it from lol) and he orchestrated the opera with some finesse. Why am I singing the praise of the man of God? He spoke the TRUTH that is why, he spoke about the upcoming election and told those above 65years to go and rest, it is better they are in advisory capacity and consultants than leading us. He spoke to the youths to vote technocrats and those young enough with the energy to lead. Since the old have failed us in more ways than one, they should step aside, be recalled by their constituents and let others younger and vibrant. Those willing to work take over and lead us.

I have been saying this and I will not stop. Everyone eligible to vote, please go get your PVC and let us do our part. It is time we take back our country and do what is right by her. The country is so hard but still Nigerians find reasons to smile amidst the storm. Enough is enough let us genuinely have reasons to smile and secure the economy for generations yet unborn haba!!!


My Encounter with the Men in Black.

Oh!! Yes!! This is also news don’t be deceived. So I was trying to get to work early, so I had to leave home before the lights starting coming out which signalled traffic in Lagos. Then out of the blue without considering the lives of people using the road, my life or theirs. In the middle of an express they told me to stop and then pulled me over. They as usual got their guns out and came after me with their AK-47s like I committed an offence. Trust me these guys were not men in black from the movies, this ones are considered villians in our parts, those tasked with upholding the law.

Back to the story, the man did not even greet me or smile at me (this one considered me guilty even before allowing me open my mouth). Who are you and where do you work was the first thing that came out of his mouth. Good morning Officer, I replied being polite and showing him what manners sound like (they should teach this guy’s good customer service, honestly they need to teach them how to be civil and they would be amazed how law-abiding citizens would trust them). He asked for their usual. Your driver’s license, Car papers after that was checked (I doubt he even knew how to read the papers that is me subbing him lol). Then he gave me the death look and intended to leave when I called him back and asked the most amazing question, “YOU COULDN’T EVEN GREET ME, THAT IS SO UNFAIR”. The dude was confused for few seconds. I was right to ask though, you stop me, waste my time and simple courtesy of apologising and telling me to have a good day did not cross your mind. Sigh we still have a long way to go with our policing to be honest.

Yes they might be underpaid and the conditions not favourable but hey we all are not having it rosy in the country either. But Let us not take out our frustration on our fellow woman or man they are not the issue. The issue is those we have elected to make our lives bearable. Let us do something about them first, not forgetting that we also as followers have a responsibility to do the right thing even if people are watching or not. In our little corner are we not worse just like the officers we criticize? Do we cut corners, embezzle funds, use things illegally or discriminate? Are we objective in the things we do and how we do them? May God help us all.

Quote for the week: If you do not respect the authority you are under, you will not enjoy the blessing that comes with that office.


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