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Marvels Thor vs DCs Justice League



This is by popular demand, I was going to allow it go with 2017 but a fan of the blog wanted my opinion and who am I to say No to an ardent follower, so here goes my thought.

THOR: Ragnorok was funny, was amazing and was engaging all through. They brought a part of Hulk we had not seen before. His human side without removing the anger he possessed which was great. In all the jokes, bants we saw a THOR that had transformed from an erratic hero that relied mostly on his hammer to one truly reborn, a hero, a god. Loki remained himself and true to who he is, the god of mischief and it was nice seeing him fight alongside Thor while still looking out for the best interest of Loki, typical of him you might say. Dr Strange’s stint in the movie also was great, it goes to show there is potential in a Dr Strange second movie. The only downside for me would be the villain, not so convincing if you ask me and please someone should take those hideous dreads off Idris Elba. Lool.

To JUSTICE LEAGUE I have written about it, so I will not go to deep regarding it again. It impressed beyond expectation which is good news for DC comic though the gloominess and darkness surrounding the movie did not appeal to me. DC still has a long way to go if they ever want to catch up with Marvel which I feel is almost impossible. Marvel would have to go bankrupt for that to happen.

Thor wins this round hands down there is no contesting it. Marvel take a bow!!!

Count down to BLACK PANTHER……


P.S The real-life inspiration for the animated character Shrek might just be a man nicknamed “The French Angel.”

Known formally as Maurice Tillet, a Russian-born Frenchman, the man rose to prominence as a wrestling star in the 1930s and ‘40s. Born in 1903, Tillet is said to have been called “angel” by his boyhood friends because of his blonde hair and angelic face. At the age of 17, however, doctors diagnosed Tillet with acromegaly, according to Canadian news site of Canoe. The hormonal disorder causes increased bone growth including in the hands, feet and face.

Photos of Tillet following his acromegaly-induced growth spurt show a man who bears a striking resemblance to Shrek, the kindhearted ogre from the 2001 movie of the same name.

While Tillet had dreamed of becoming a lawyer, he ended up in the French navy, before ultimately entering the world of professional wrestling in 1937.

Despite the uncanny physical similarities between Tillet and Shrek, DreamWorks — the studio which released the film — has never officially addressed the long-standing rumor that Tillet’s appearance served as the basis for the animated character.


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