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funke akindele

It probably is no longer news that our very own Funke Akindele, the multi-talented actress, producer and comedienne is on the cast of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe: Infinity war. Oh! Yes if you have not heard now you know our very own would be playing out the part of one of Black Panther’s female bodyguard and I am so excited because this is Nigeria to the world and our generation are doing great things all over the world which cannot be said about our political class (let’s not even ruin this with that talk). I have managed to follow Funke from her days of “I need to know” all through the acting to her epic series “Jenifa” up until now, success did not happen overnight for her but she has been able to carve out a niche for herself and it is only fair we celebrate this one of a kind. It was going to be only a matter of time before this big break in the international sphere happened and I am proud of her, as a Nigerian, an African, a human and someone who believes hard work pays. We all cannot wait to see Captain’s beards lol.

P.S if she acts serious or tries to crack a joke, we will still laugh because her serious face is comedy to us already. If you know you know.


Following up with Marvel (right now they are bossing it big time and anything they touch turns to gold), Black Panther is already sold out pre-order amazing and this is the biggest Marvel has made on a pre-ordered, amazing even before the movie is out every ticket is sold. I am proud and I tell you I cannot wait to watch that movie and tell you all about it. Three Gbosa; Wakanda rocks!!!

The wedding party 2 is breaking strides and racking in the money, Mo Abudu well-done. This is pure delight and I am proud to be among amazing talented Africans that have decided to go the distance against all odds and break records because we can!!. Have a great day.

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