The 2019 hunger games

2019 Hunger Games… May the odds be in our favour.

NIGERIA road sign

NIGERIA road sign

The stage is set for the 2019 Hunger games, the stage is Nigeria, the price is for the seat of power, the tools is the PVC card and the hope is that the odds be in our favour.

If you are still wondering what I am talking about it is Nigeria’s General election coming up in 2019 to determine our future, our life and our identity as a country. The INEC chairman announced the Presidential election would take place on the 16th of February 2019. When I read this I stopped to think for a second and said a little prayer for my country after which I knew within my heart it would take more than just prayer for us to move forward in Nigeria from the regress we presently are in. The Good books supports my school of thought, Faith without work is dead.

I have watched Buhari move from the chosen one, the messiah to the clueless one, the failed one and his score mark his totally poor. Left to me in an ideal economy he shouldn’t be running for government anymore, but Nigeria is no ideal country and shame or conscience seems to be lacking in our political class. The PDP through past experiences and the recent elections they had shown that it is the same of the same and we shouldn’t expect a messiah from them either. Tunde Bakare has come out to say God told him his time in politics is not over. Atiku campaign is gathering momentum also. So the question is this, what is the way forward?

I would urge all youths to go out there and pick their PVC card first, that is our weapon, our power, our tool, our life and our hope for a better Nigeria. Secondly we need to educate everyone around us, I mean everyone and lastly we must vote and guard our vote jealously. If we could remove Jonathan from power it is time to vote out Buhari not for Atiku but for a new face with values and proven track record, enough of recycled personnel. February 2019 is no longer far away again. The Hunger game is a fight for our lives, our future and our nation. It is a fight in which the odds are against us and we are not given a chance by those desperately grabbing on to power. It is a fight in which would determine if we are going to finally emerge the giants of Africa not just in words but in actions or else we are just going to go away into oblivion and our name would go “there was once a country”. It is a fight for our life and we all can change it all for good with that one vote. If you for one second think it doesn’t affect us all, you lie we are all involved. If we do not do right by this country, our businesses would be affected, our families could be affected, loved ones, friends, our jobs, our safety, our security, our freedom, our health the list is endless. So what we do in 2019 will affect us all.

May the odds forever be in our favour.

P.S This year I would be monitoring candidates that would be coming out and researching them and tell you all what I feel..

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  1. Amazing write up…. Let’s not just stop at reading but start rising up and be counted among those that will help transform our nation. May God bless us all..


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