Happy New year Everyone


happy new year

Happy new year everyone!! It has been an amazing 2017 with the blog and I owe it to God and to everyone that took out time to read the blog, like it and comment. You all are amazing. Welcome to 2018 where we hope to serve you better and bring in amazing contents to the blog.

2018 is here and though we are not going fully operational just yet. That would start on Monday 8th of January 2018 (my leave officially ends and work resumes on the blog lol) but I missed you all and it wouldn’t be fair if I did not say my happy new years and give you the latest news not before giving you my highlights of 2017.

I would start with the flops and up on that list would be TSTV, I said it then but many said I was the prophet of doom, but we have come to realise the DSTV monopoly would continue just a little longer and that is all down to the fact TSTV never did their homework before promising us heaven on earth. A big thumbs down if you ask me.

Another that failed me was the APC led Government, it was appalling to see the government being clueless on things going on in the country, from the Mainagate, to the Ikoyi funds, not to forget the embarrassingly pathetic refusal to pay the whistle-blower who was mentally stable to believe when he blew the whistle to the 360 degrees of the government saying he was not mentally stable to handle his reward as promised. Not forgetting the fuel scarcity in December as we all celebrated Christmas, after the so-called removal of fuel subsidy and the promise we would never experience such, and the back and forth of NNPC and the marketers both throwing blames to each other. The icing on the cake to close the year was the appointment of over three dead persons into positions by our president. Sigh hopefully 2018 would be better though I have lost all hope in this government just like everybody else.

Enough of the negative news, let’s focus on the positives of 2017 also. I would start with George Weah being the president-elect, oh boy aint I excited for him, against all odds became the world footballer of the year, years back and till tomorrow remains the only African to have won that prestigious award, now he has done it again in his country’s politics (Liberia) and won the election. Amazing take a bow son!!

Nigeria also qualifying for the world cup was another amazing feat, which every Nigerian was united in celebrating, not forgetting we beating Argentina in a friendly, that was great news.

Also it was a year Hamilton won the formula one, Serena gave birth to a beautiful girl and got married, Beyonce gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl); the Nigerian female Bobsled team became the first to qualify for the winter sports from Africa. Back home BankyW and Adesua Etomi tied the knot and became Mr and Mrs W.

Then Nigerian artist took it a notch up and won Best African artist and best International act in the Mobo awards won by both Davido and Wizkid respectively, the excitement did not stop there. They both settled the “so called beef” during Wizkid’s concert which made fans go crazy(permit me to use that word). If you thought that was the end, Davido had something up his sleeve also during his 30billionconcert; making sure the Mo’hit crew came out to dish the crowd with their timeless songs. D’Prince, Kswitch, Wandecoal, Dr. Sid, Ikechukwu, D’banj and DonJazzy, it was electrifying. So among the many things that happened, I have decided to pick this few exciting moment. So what should we expect in 2018…

First the Headies… Which usually was done in December has been moved to the first quarter of the year which to me is a great idea. It gives the artist enough time to attend the show which was a big minus for them in recent ones. It also makes sure that the whole of 2017 is in review, from the songs to the videos and none is left out. I expect it to be a good one this year. Fingers crossed.

What else am I expecting, the Grammy; oh yes do I hear Sam smith sweeping it? What about Eminem and Beyonce’s collaboration an award for that? What say you? Maybe Pink with nominations, especially her collaboration with Eminem too? It would be exciting, at least there would be no Kanye West with any interruptions this year having not delivered anything last year.

Movies to watch out for that I can remember at the moment. Black Panther; Oh yes!! People you are not ready for what is to come, and if you think Marvel is done Infinity War; oh yes baby, hold me I’m about to go ballistic!!! This is the convergent point. This is what the Marvel world has been building up to. This is the climax. DC Comic take several seats back and Marvel at greatness redefined. We are all going to scream our lungs out. Everyone from Spiderman to Ironman, the Hulk, Thor, Dr. Strange, Antman, Black Panther, Hawk eye etc are coming together to fight a greater evil. Did I forget to mention the Guardians of the Galaxy oh yes, they are included in this. Are you entertained? I know I am. Moving on the Incredibles II is also coming, yes I love my cartoons. I will be dishing all of them in other post. Let me just stop for now and take a breather.

Also FOX has been bought by the mouse; DISNEY whoa!! Now that would be amazing. Seems X-men would be moving back to Marvel, could they be just in time to feature in the infinity war? I doubt but nothing is impossible though if you ask me.

The World cup in June is also expected. Yes where all nations send full-grown men, 23 of them to go represent their countries (32 teams) for the honour of lifting a cup and having the bragging right for 4 years. Before you go ahead to ask, Nigeria would be well represented and I am excited, more to come in the following months regarding that.

Finally let me end by talking about Nigeria and its political landscape in 2018. This would be the bedrock of what to expect in 2019 and we will begin to see the serious contenders from the pretenders. You all know what I stand for, vote for youth and dynamism, vote against recycled candidates they have failed us, no point continuing with them. Let us vote the likes of Fela Durotoye, the likes of Donald Duke, the likes of Ribadu or El Rufai. The likes of Osinbajo and Peter Obi could work or Fashola. The power is in our hands. Enough of the social media juggernaut with no action. Let us all go out and vote; Vote a United Nigeria, vote for a “Nigeria we”. Have a wonderful 2018 and I believe you will enjoy it with your weekly dosage of this blog. Gracias……… T21

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