Merry Christmas…

Merry christmas Hd Wallpaper 2017

Merry Christmas to everyone, it has been a while I have been in this space, Work and Malaria did not want me to be great but Mercy said No!!.

So for everyone who has contributed one way or the other to the success of the blog, I want to say thank you. To everyone who has commented, shared the blog, followed the blog and talked about it, this is me saying a very big thank you. To everyone who has corrected me one way or the other this is a big thank you. Without you all there wouldn’t be this blog. 2018 would be a great year people, I have a whole lot planned for it. From the Novel launch, to the different drama write up and various juicy news. Remember in this season no matter the Petrol palava, no matter the hardship and frustration of life remember to remain thankful for life. When you think you will see there is a reason to thank. Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

P.S We will resume writing in the new year, I have decided to take the year off, doctor’s orders, even I need a little bit of fun, distraction and days off. lol. Happy New year in advance people and stay good. T21

Picture Credit: Google.

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