NEWS: Say No to Recycling

NEWS: Say No to Recycling


Good day everyone, hope you had a memorable weekend, mine was wonderful till United lost to our noisy neighbour City sigh… Let us head to the news of today..

You all must have heard about the famous reply of Atiku to I-go-dye; after reading it I was really impressed and I would really want to meet his publicist, not because he has won me over but because he is a good writer sha. On a more serious note I read it and I was sad for our youths, I was sad for my nation and I was sad that a man at 71 really thinks he is the best fit to run a nation, a nation as big as Nigeria. The official age of retirement for a federal worker is 65years that should say something really. Yes you have been successful in business we get it. Yes you helped bring one of the brightest mind from World Bank to help the nation, we thank you. Yes you may have stopped the third term bid of your boss as you claimed we appreciate that if you really did it, but at 71 com’on elder statesman it is time for you to take several seats back and act at an advisory role, don’t you think? If Austria can appoint their leader who is in his 30s and he is not even married yet, France with a president who is in his 40s are we saying the likes of Atiku cannot nurture a young person for the next few years that can rule us? Can he not fund such a person and where his generation has failed Nigerians, make sure this young man or woman not fail us? Can he not nurture this young chap on how to fight corruption, the pitfalls when he gets there, who the cabals are (if there are any), how to avoid them and what the country truly needs with his so-called experience? Didn’t we try one experienced elder statesman in the form of our present president and what have we achieved? Who says his would be any better? Youths of Nigeria, it is time we stood up and defend and protect our future. Since Independence these men have led us and we have been stagnant, it is time we took over and try something different. 2019 is the date, don’t sell your future. Atiku, Buhari or any man above 50 is not the answer if you ask me. We need a change and not the one APC promised us.

We travel all the way to Imo state, and news coming out is that asides from making his biological sister a commissioner for Happiness, the house in Imo state have gone ahead to endorse his brother in-law to become the next governor of Imo state come 2019, this is just the height, it is time the people of Imo woke up and take back their state. A man who has not paid salaries and pensions, recklessly spent money on building statues in the states that cost 520million allegedly for one, and made his sister commissioner for Happiness (wondering how the people can be happy when you cannot even pay them and this said commissioner would get paid ooo). Now the Chief of staff, his brother in-law is the man they want to install to become Governor, shine your eyes Imo state and don’t dull. Wake up from your slumber and vote someone else before your state becomes a circus of clowns. A word they say is enough for the wise. Okorocha you do well.

On a lighter note the President was in Daura to check on his farm and cows and has told you all to go into farming. He left his official assignment while petrol is scarce to check up on his cows, every man for himself oo and God for us all oooo, there is no messiah anywhere aside from God ooo, Baba already planning his retirement. We will be alright eventually.

Finally what am I thankful for, in Church on Sunday the preacher P told us to be grateful even if the things we planned for didn’t happen, what about the things that we did not plan that happened he said. So after the Manchester derby which my team lost, I was wondering what can I be thankful for and it hit me sha. Chelsea lost to Westham and my former coach Moyes (I greet you ooo all Chelsea fans), I am thankful that Arsenal drew ooo, I did not kuku plan that either, I am thankful that a former Player and a Manchester united legend, Wayne Rooney held Liverpool in the Merseyside Derby to a 1-1 draw. So I may have not gotten what I planned for, but I also got what I did not plan for. So think and you would not have to think long or hard and you would be grateful for 2017 for those little blessings of Life, family, health. God bless. Have a great week. T21

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  1. Lovely start 👏👏👏👏. Atiku will never be Nigerian president this guy and the so called “Mr common sense” should come and account for Nigeria 99 funds left in their care


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