It is December!! How has the year been so far?

It is December!! How has the year been so far?

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So the beginning of 2017 started just like yesterday, we said our happy new year’s, we had our goals, dreams, hopes and aspirations for the new year and now we are down to the last month of the year precisely 27 more days till the new year and let us just take out time to look back at how the year as been shall we?

For me I am grateful for life, I am grateful for the blog which started this year officially, I am grateful for my dad, he is in a better place now (I love you dad and your legacy still lives on), I am grateful for love found, I am grateful for family, I am grateful for the opportunity to eventually publish my novel with works on going and 2018 being the year of publish by God’s grace watch out for THE CLAN: REVELATION the first of the trilogy. I am grateful for friends turned family and those that left or the friendship that ran cold. I am thankful for friends got engaged, those that got married and those who have done everything to fight for their relationship/marriage. I am thankful for every reader out there that has contributed to the success of the blog, those that have corrected me, those that have featured their write-ups in the blog (it is such an honour) those that have given me ideas to move the blog forward, those that have cheered me on and those that have criticized, you all have made me a better writer, editor (I hate this part of writing) and a better person. I am grateful to God for the gift of life, family, love and hope.

With everything I am grateful for, don’t for one second think it has been all rosy this year, far from it, some disappointments came, yes they sure did, some hurt did too, oh yes it is part of life. Some pain etc but I have a word for someone today reading this, life is not over, you got to believe because it takes just a second for things to turn around, yes your case is not impossible and you can get that which you desire in the few days of this year. A friend recently got sacked and he was the bread-winner of his family and when he thought all was lost and heading towards depression, he got a call for a position he had applied for, a long time might I add and just like that he got three times what he was earning before he got fired. Yes things like that still happen. So in the few days of 2017 let us keep the hope up, don’t dismay instead celebrate and have fun, you got one life to live. Show love and kindness, forget those that have hurt you, those that have taken your trust for granted and forge ahead, don’t let it deter you and in all your worrying, working hard and planning please and please, DO NOT FORGET TO LIVE!!!! I love you all. Peace… T21

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