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justice league

Before I watched this movie, the reviews where not great, on the day I wanted to watch it, it was not so good a day so I was being sceptical, I was hoping and praying I was going to be objective and made a resolve that I would.

So my little summary before my thoughts start going wild. With Superman “supposedly” dead with all the vibrations at his graveside during the end of Superman vs Batman which was a flop if I might add. So Batman continues with his vigilante duties while Wonder woman played by Gal Galdot continued in her little world. Batman goes on with his duties till he sees some alien creature which feeds on fear and their appearance kept increasing. Batman needed an emergency response to these appearances and went in search of those he had been investigating on with super powers, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. They all faced the conqueror of worlds a man who wanted revenge for not conquering earth and came back to finish what he started. The good guys were outmatched, outnumbered and out powered, so they needed an edge and there was only one person that came to mind for the Bat one, which was Superman who was dead. One of the power boxes that the villain was after was used to wake Superman up. They faced the enemy and won eventually. As usual the good guys knock the bad guys out.

Highlights: The first part that got to me was Bruce Waynes reply to Barry when he asked which Superpower he had, Bruce replied with “I have Money” that was epic Batman reply, short, witty and gets the job done. Aquaman’s revelation of his innermost desires and thoughts when he was sitting on the Rope of truth of Wonderwoman that too was nice. The look Superman gave the Flash when he tried to use his speed to sneak an attack on him, and the priceless amazement Flash had on his face knowing that Superman was also as fast as he was. The race challenge between the Flash and Superman. The part where Flash thought he had done a great job of moving a trunk with people in it and feeling great not until he saw Superman carrying a whole building of people. I heard some of the ladies going awwwwh, whaooooo!! And yeaaaaaah!! With Aquaman going all shirtless (side-eye) and Superman oh please some of us don’t have time for the biceps lol.

justice league 2

The Lows: Com’on once again Ben Affleck is not a worthy Batman. I have nothing against Ben but he does not embody the Batman franchise, I have tried to like him in the suit, to enjoy him, to endure him but it is not just working at all. He is fat in the suit, tries too hard to be the Batman and he is generally just weak for the role. I am also not a fan of the Barry, I was not impressed at all and that suit should be burnt and the ashes taken very far away from where I am. And what is it with the gloom, dark and blackness with Snyder (the director) must it be always dark with him, I don’t get it at all even at the point where Superman was awaken during the day it felt like night-time. I am not convinced this is the man to take the franchise to greatness. He is not making it attractive at all and the sooner he stops the better for DC comics. This could have been much better but he is ruining it trust me I know. Oh my world why was Flash running like a headless chicken with those legs, reminded my of woody in Toy story lol. I could not even imagine it in all my days. Sigh.

My Verdict: It could have been a whole lot better but again Snyder ruined it for this supposedly epic movie, I am burnt because much more could have been achieved. I am pained because I really want DC comic to get it right and after a glimmer of hope with Wonder woman I thought this would be the breakthrough they needed, but sadly they barely made it out of water. So I am feeling generous tonight and rating it with what could have been if only sigh… it is a three star out of a five because I expected a completely useless movie and I was gladly disappointed.

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  1. Well you got it right. But it was a better improvement from the crap DC has been doing. They still have a lot of improvement to do and please can they get rid of the dark blackness theme? So annoying. The fact that the man of steel finally got the respect he deserves was nice. Cause truly, their is only one super hero. The krytonian in blue tights!


    • I could not have said it better… Superman was really the man with Super powers and finally they gave him his due respect, the way he took them all out, was in one word, AMAZING!!! But that dark theme would be their undoing and i think they need better villians, likeable villians, villians that look like humans that we love to hate, for example Loki in Thor… T21


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