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Flight gone south II

 Good morning everyone, I just want to use this medium to recognize and celebrate a true African, a man who shows love not through just words but action, Samuel Eto’o Fils on paying for the flights of many Cameroonians from Libya. Leaders don’t need offices before they truly lead, something African leaders should learn. Also this is a campaign against slavery say no to modern-day slavery of any kind #NotoSlavery #Libya together we can make the world a better place. 

Have you seen the specially designed Nigerian jersey by the Nigerian in london. Amazing!!! His name is Andrew Randa follow on twitter @RandaAndrew hopefully NIKE and the @nff can buy into the amazing idea and concept. Now back to the story of the day. Flight gone South II

new jersey 



Flight gone south II


My name is OJ and I am back again with another exciting story about my Host job on a plane. Meeting people is an adventure trust me because you tend to see different people with different behaviours and attitude, and sometimes you are all cracked up while other times you just want to open the door and kick them out literally. But today was for the former and oh boy do I have a gist for you. Let’s go on this wonderful adventure, this is a journey to south. Lol.

While passengers boarded the plane I always make it a duty to check them out, a ritual of mine to find out potentially aggressive passengers and the happy ones. Two caught my attention, a high Chief from Benin and a teenage girl with her grandmother both in the economic class. I knew something good was in store but I did not know what.

So I was passing through the economy class when I overheard the Grandma and her granddaughter I thought. The grandma goes like “why am I not hearing my phone ring this girl” the Grandma said, “Big mummy hmmm, your ringtone has finished oooo that is why”, “are you serious, okay I will give you money when we reach” the Grandma replied; I was dumbfounded and I could not hold it inside, my look of shock gave me away, and the granddaughter could tell, she smiled and gave a wicked seductive wink, I just went to my corner to think about my life. To think that it would end there another shocker was waiting for me on this flight. So the Benin Chief sat right behind, the last seat in economy, with a curtain separating the economy from the business class, the chief could see what was being served to those in Business class. During the serving period, he saw the rice that was being served with wine and fizzled drinks. So I OJ assigned to serve those in economy class started serving their box which contained a cookie, cracker and juice with sweet in the pack. When I got to him and he took it and opened it, he called for me, eyed me from up, down with this mean look and asked, “What is the meaning of this?” I said “it is your snack for the trip”. I had seen him looking longingly at the business class so I was sort of prepared but never expected what happened next; “Do you know who I am?” he asked, “A chief I presume sir” I replied, “children of now a days, and I have your type at home oooo choi” he said, I just allowed it go with a smile then the shocker started, He started shouting, “I want rice, give me rice now, do you know who I am, I am a chief give me rice just like the one you are giving to them”. Everyone started laughing and I was really holding myself from rolling on the ground and busting out in laughter. I smiled and tried to explain to him as much as I coul why he couldn’t be getting the same thing they got in business class, but he would not let it go and I walked away imaging how he was ever made a chief in the first place. I went to my lead crew to explain before I would be reported, I told her what transpired and she had to join in the laugh. Another episode of Flight gone south, I hope it made your day.

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