So the White wedding of BankyW and Adesua came and went over the weekend it was everywhere on our timeline and we from Tobyland blog want to say a big congratulations to the Wellingtons, may God bless your Marriage. Oritsefemi also got married to his heartthrob Nubia we also wish them a happy married life.



In other news our youthful politician Atiku, age: 71 resigned from the ruling party the APC and all rumours indicate he will be making a transfer back to his former club the PDP to try to win the presidential ticket to become the president of Nigeria, my question is at 71 sir, are you not tired, at 71 your mate in other fields are retired while others are consulting why do you still want to run sir, at 71 you have everything money can buy why don’t you sponsor a young candidate, at 71 shouldn’t you spend time with your family more. At 71 if the issue of the country is bothering so much and you are allegedly looking for the good of the country and you are really passionate for the change of it, why don’t you suppose young people like me into power, young vibrant, bold and honest young men and women of virtue and integrity. You can be the man at the background making the country a better place. Why is the pursuit of power so ingrained in you sir. We the youths and when I mean youth, not those young at heart but those 40 years and below say a very big thank you for all your effort, we are not interested in anything you have to say or do for us, you have done more than enough, let us continue where your generation left off. Also we hear Obanikoro has moved to the APC from the PDP, this is actually laughable, I am not a fan of Ambode and I feel he is doing a poor job in Lagos at the moment but I will take an Ambode anyday anytime to an Obanikoro, we don’t want our beloved Lagos turning into Anambra state or Ekiti thank you sir Obanikoro let your name remain a bus stop in Lagos. Once again my people let us be wise come 2019, don’t be fooled or played, enough of recycling all these dead weight, it is time for fresh young faces that time is now.


Congratulations Kavin Hart, hope you keep remaining loyal to your family after your beautiful son has come into the world now, once might be called a mistake and we forgive you but if you do it again, we are taking you to the Gallows lol. Congrats!!! The Harts.

barca vs valencia

In Sports something came to mind, a game between Valencia and Barcelona which ended 1-1 draw. I was managing to watch (it was boring to be honest sha) but the Messi struck a shot and what should have been a comfortable save for Neto was dropped and crossed the line, but the referee did not see it, the linesman didn’t either and as big as the La Liga is there was no goal line technology such a shame for a league that comprises two power house in Real Madrid and Barcelona. So sad, something should be done about it next year.

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