black earth 1

Scientific proof:

There are as many universes as the stars;


There are an infinite count of earth to outlast the human kind,

Approximately five to the power of X-unknowns,

There’s the earth of red people;

White people, brown people, yellow people, black people and other shades;

So, peradventure:

There was a cataclysmic accident in the outta space since before time kicked off at all,

A big bang theory; a null hypothesis,

Peradventure:; by sheer stroke of luck,

You were shot like a meteor into a planet filled with black lives:

That might be said to be a geo accident on a lottery slip,

Like a wish from a genie,

All you ever wanted was to touch down in an island where,

It’s cozy and holy,

And the people’s’ garments splotched with the crimson blood of perversion: greed, terrorism and corruption,

Is washed away by good governance and mutual respect for humanity,

Isles where one-too-many-times, one is not living on an average everyday basis like a mistake of evolution: serendipitous living,

Not knowing whether the morning paper review will smoulder the very breath off of your body,

When the legendary forerunners (running our messages) elected by the electorates to fix us, transfix us as scare crows living at the caprice of the elements of our earth;

Of a secret society of spin doctors that spin dissension in the isles,

While they laugh at another masterful ploy of devious exploits against the plaintiff:  the people,

And we, repeat unending cycles of yesteryear of hand-downs presents from the colonial imperialists,

So like toddlers we take off then crash-land like failed engine – STATES’

National interest: a carapace scattered like flotsam after a REGIME-ship wreckage,

The other earths view us in the eye of their satellites, culture and technological breakthrough,

The parody of the black lives in the face of the richest isles there ever was,

And it’s just like the parable of the Great Comedy,

They say amongst themselves ‘it’s not rocket science!!!’

They see it, we see it,

When the forerunners take off to outta space off this planet,

We watch our nation on the radar regurgitating News feeds and,

Wonder why life on this terrestrial ball appear like walking backwards in time,

Of the more you look the lesser you see,

Of how it’s the hardest possible puzzle as we approach our black earth and,

Of how it’s just a simple card game from the outta space,


The hazy mystery, violation and stripping off of our identity,

The incontinence: an insatiable libido to be vile and fantastically corrupt,

Of why as a people, we are sentenced to an imprisonment of traditional schizophrenia,

Repeating the same ol mistake,

Stereotypic lunacy;

Trapped between a mid-life crisis of a post-independence juvenile delinquency and

A foolhardy centenarian who wants to die foolish;

To this, it forever confounds one as on a radar

Like being in a dark film house full of strangers: a black earth,

A comedy that leaves one wailing,

A tragedy that makes one smile…

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