Is there is any love left  in the World…

Before we go into the article of today, first the headlines; Former Vice President of Nigeria, Alex Ekwueme passed away this week in a London Hospital, may his soul rest in peace. Also Finally after 37 years in power the former President (I never thought I would say that anytime soon) of Zimbabwe announced his resignation to a jubilant nation. Finally Zimbabwe can move on from the stagnation it has been in.


Is there is any love left  in the World…


As I write this, I am pained deep down, pained that humanity is turning cold, that humans can be so twisted and wicked to the extent of doing dastardly acts all in the name of money. I am troubled so much that a person can treat a fellow human like him in disdain, can reduce his/her fellow human to a piece of nothing and not feel anything. This is a cry out regarding the SLAVERY going on in LIBYA. It is so sad that we have complained over the years how the whites have done this and that to Africa, blamed them for everything evil that as happened in Africa, but refused to see our own place in the scheme of things, we have refused to see the greed, selfishness, hatred and disunity that has made this possible and now we have moved one step further by towing the same of line of enslaving our fellow humans. This is a cry for people to rise up and stop the injustice, rise up and stand against such evil and cruel act, enough is enough, every man is born free and should have the power to make choices that affect his or her live and not be forced into such acts. Africa it is time to rise up and do something about this. Men and women must be liberated from modern slavery and cruelty. Also I have a piece of advice for those that are quick to want to travel for greener pastures. You can make it anywhere trust me, so why don’t you stay in your country and make it there. If you have to travel, know where you are also travelling to, find out, ask questions and don’t take short cuts, follow the right process in securing Visas to such places and trust me there is no place like home, so try to make your country a better place even if you are settled somewhere else, try make your own country a better place, people who believed in their country made it better, that is why you are visiting, so do the same to yours so others can have the pleasure of visiting. Finally my rant goes out to all African Leaders, what is your problem?! Why are you all selfish and power-hungry? Do you hate your continent so much that you would squander it all and still take the money to other developed countries and invest in them. Are you all so insensitive and disillusioned to the sufferings of those in your country, those that have put their trust in you to change things? What would be your gain and fulfilment in life seeing that you have turned your countries into wastelands? Even if you don’t have fear for your lives what of your posterity? Don’t you think that it would be judged by your acts now? You all sit there, live lavish lives with tax payer’s money, and expect people that voted you in to serve you like slaves and then you turn a position of service to your entitlements, you want to stay there forever like it is your birth right? Let me talk to you all. It is not your birth right, it is an act of service. Let me talk to you one day you all would die or be ousted out and dance to the music you have written. Let me talk to you, a generation would rise that would be disgruntled with such acts you all keep carrying out, they would be fed up and chase you away. Let me talk to you, when it is all said and done there would be no one to turn to because everything you have believed in, everyone that have sung your praise and made you feel like demigods would leave you high and dry in that time. Let me talk to you, Africa is blessed and it is in your hands to make a drastic change into putting the continent in the forefront of things where it should be. It is enough. Stop bleeding Mother Africa dry. If Dubai can be what it is now, if China can turn things around, if countries with little to nothing can make an Oasis, Africa with so much human and natural resources can do better, be better and as to be better. God bless us all, God bless Africa and God bless Mother Earth, we and only we can be the change we seek!!!!



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