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It is Fri yay!!! The weekend is finally here and we are happy for that. A new write-up today to start your weekend. We are monitoring things in Zimbabwe and Nigeria will be represented at the Winter Olympics for the first time ever, after their women’s team qualified for the bobsled event at the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang.

Driver Seun Adigun and brakemen Ngozi Onwumere and Akuoma Omeoga completed the fifth of their required five qualifying races on Wednesday, becoming the first African team, men or women, to qualify in the Bobsled category. I will write on that soon. Enjoy the write-up.


Flights gone south


Hello people my name is Okon Jabudia, I am an air host. Oh yes just like the Air hostess, we guys are air host and we do a pretty good job too. Everyone calls me OJ because of the complexity of pronouncing my name, oh before I forget I am Obaz’s cousin, he has been incommunicado for a while, between me and you I think our village people have gotten him finally, sigh and he tried and tried oooo, oh well I will be taking over his inheritance on this page. Lol.

My name is OJ and this is my life on Planes. You don’t want to miss it to be honest. So over to the story of the day.

I was busy making sure everything was in place for the flight to Ivory Coast in West Africa. The Passengers started coming in afterwards but immediately my eyes met with this old grumpy man I knew that he was going to be trouble all through the flight. Years of experience teach you that trust me. He boarded and I greeted him “Good morning sir” I said, “Oh young man, what is good about the morning, please let me be” Grumpy man. I just stepped aside and when he went on, I gave him the nasty look, “some people are just bitter for days, what can be eating such a man up” I thought to myself. During the flight I had to serve the grumpy man light refreshment, I dreaded the encounter but I had no choice, it was my job after all. So I checked myself to be sure everything was okay, double checked the refreshment before heading towards him. I expected the worst and I was not disappointed. “Hello sir would you like some refreshment?” I said with the biggest smile I could muster. “Like it is not your job, give it to me joor” He fired back, “I am sorry about that, I did not mean to upset you”, “Oh please but you already have, so why apologise for something so intentionally done, I am just tired of Nigeria and Nigerians. It is all the same, the economy is messed up, the people are just abnormal, I don’t understand it all” Grumpy man fired at me. I started wondering “what really is this guy’s issue, I really don’t get it”. I remained rooted to the spot and waited for him to finish ranting and that was when he dropped the first bombshell of the flight. “Nigerians and everything Nigerian is messed up just like this flight, imagine when I use Ethiopian Airline to go to Canada I do not go through all this incompetent lot”. I was shocked, I know for a fact that the Ethiopian Airline does not go to Canada, I did not know when the laughter came out. “Why are you laughing, what is so funny?” Grumpy man asked, “Errr nothing sir, I just enjoy the things life throw at you and it makes for a good laugh”, “You are really mad, now it is a fact, you need to have a check-up” Grumpy replied. “Don’t be angry sir, the last time I checked though, Ethiopian airline does not go to Canada” I said and took my leave before he made any other reply, but while going I took a quick glance and I could see the shock on his face. Oh what satisfaction I had in my soul to have gotten one over such Grumpiness but if you thought it was over it just got even more interesting in the flight. So a while later same old Grumpy man wanted to use the Lavatory and at the lavatory door was a sign that said Do not usebut to my amazement he kept struggling with the door to open it. I looked at him for a while before approaching him, I knew I was going to have my pound of flesh but I never expected what I got. So I said on getting to him, “hello sir, I am sorry but there is a sign on the door saying do not use that is why the door is locked”. The Grumpy man looked at me with disgust and disdain and shouted “Am I supposed to read everything I see?” For a second I froze and then I bust out laughing. Just then I knew the Flight went South. Thankfully I did not get fired on this flight lol.

Thanks to IG on the life of Hosts on flights, He inspired this piece. This one is for you and for every Host and Hostess out there, you guys are doing a great job.





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