A little bit of news before the write-up today, News reaching us states that Zimbabwe is under a coup, though the military has come out to deny the report but when the capital is seized, the president is under house arrest and the main Television station is run by the military that sounds more or less like a coup to me. My question is? Is it about time something like this happened considering Mugabe has turned the presidency to a family affair and wanting to make his wife his successor. I will be discussing this in the coming days. Also the Super Eagles beat the Argentines by 4-2 Hurray so proud to be a Nigerian right now.



Let me first say congratulations to Nigeria, we did what seemed impossible in Russia beating the Argentine team by 4 goals to 2. It was an amazing feat and I am proud to be a Nigerian, When I was ruminating about this write-up Nigeria had not played this match but with this victory it just adds a reference point to it.

I start with this quote that came to mind after I watched a video, “Life might not give you the Head start of others, but don’t let that be your excuse instead let it motivate you.

Many complain they have not been born with a silver spoon or Gold, many complain they couldn’t even afford eating and did not know where their next meal would come from not to talk of funds for education. Many complain they grew up in broken homes, some even abusive homes, others grew up in foster homes. This points truly are valid trust me but do not ever let this points be excuses for not being the best you can be.

Life isn’t fair might sound cliché but it is so true, but it takes a man or woman who would defile all odds no matter what to be successful, some get it easier than others but that should stand as extra motivation for you. You should tell yourself everyday if I did not get the head start I wanted, I would work so hard and become a standard for my posterity to have that head start. It is not enough saying it but daily working towards your goal. Opportunities would not come to a person that sits idle but one who goes out seeking it. Everyone on Planet earth is blessed with a gift either you had the head start or not, your gift is on the inside of you and that gift if correctly harnessed can and will take you to the top only if you believe in you and work at it. You are much more than you think and give credit to yourself for. You can be better than where you are. You can do much more than you currently are. So I say don’t let those things you don’t have control over determine who you are. Get up and be better, get up and leave your mark in the sand of time, Get out that chair, that floor, that mat, that sand where ever it is you are and start looking for a way to be better, start looking for a need you can solve, start looking for legitimate ways to make it in life. Never despise small beginnings, so start from that little and be steadfast. Don’t listen to what people have to say, because they don’t know you the way you know you. Let their negative words be your motivation. No one gave the Super Eagles a chance, no one would give you a chance, make the chance yourself. Set your goals before you and let nothing distract you. You are meant to be the best, you are the best version of you and with only your permission and no one else you will become!!. Life is not a sprint, so don’t be scared when some are in front of you with their head start. Life is a marathon, only endurance, determination, drive, stamina, speed and GRACE can see you come out tops. YOU ARE MADE OF MORE!! YOU ARE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU!!! STOP WORRYING AND DEPRESSING! START WORKING AND PLANNING!!! START INVESTING AND ACTUALIZING YOUR DREAM!!! Meet you at the top. BOOM!!!! T21

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