NIGERIA: The state of Our Nation.

NIGERIA: The state of Our Nation.

NIGERIA road sign

NIGERIA road sign

Last week two news caught my attention in the many things that happened and I would love to share and discuss my opinion about them. The first one was on the over twenty thousand teachers in Kaduna state who failed a Primary four test and the second had to do with Imo state Governor Okorocha unveiling the statue of Johnson Sirleaf the President of Liberia, who visited Nigeria.

When the news about the teachers in Kaduna, who had woefully failed the primary 4 test broke out, I was so ashamed of the educational sector in Nigeria, I did some soul-searching and I asked myself how can those mandated with teaching and educating the leaders of tomorrow be so shallow, how can those taxed with the care of our children, do so poorly so much so they could not recognise a rectangle or square; it hurt others could not spell or state the three states of matter. Many questions went through my mind and chief among them was “so what did they actually teach these children?” How was this allowed to go on for years and nobody did anything about it? How can they live with themselves knowing they were impacting nothing at all to the lives of these children? How could they sleep well at night knowing these children would not turn half-baked, but not baked at all to compete with their privileged and rich mates? We complained so much about the wickedness and corruption of the government but wasn’t it glaring to see that this was corruption to the future of our children? We robbed them of a fighting chance, of a solid foundation, of their hopes and dreams?

This hurt me so much and I was relieved to know that the Governor of Kaduna state did what was right and sacked those teachers but before I could breathe properly the news filtered in again that the Labour Union was going to go on strike on behalf of the teachers and this just tipped me over. You mean to tell me Labour that was supposed to fight for the fairness of workers would call this strike a just one? They would actually be part and parcel of a set of people robbing our children of a bright future, what was noble and just about that. It was a primary 4 test for crying out loud and I felt disappointed. Labour could not fight for the salary of those workers in states being owed for months? Labour could not fight for the pensioners being owed what they have worked for, for years and one man embezzled? Labour could not fight for the rights of the citizens of IMO state whose governor decided to build statue with cost running into millions, instead of improving the general wellbeing of its citizen with good hospitals, better salaries and good infrastructure. It saddened my heart to see everything in a great nation like Nigeria has been politicized and things are done for only selfish interests and not for the people. I don’t even want to go into the irritating and unbelievable project of statue in Imo state going on. How can workers be owed and the Governor had the audacity to carry out such capital project saying it would help his foundation, which is a personal foundation not the states foundation. It is painful that this is what the country has been reduced to and people are not standing up to fight such wickedness and selfishness.

But it is not all doom and gloom. We can still stand up and be counted among those that decided to do something about it. It is time we stand up and truly be counted. The time is 2019 the venue is at the polls, our weapon is our votes. We need to take things seriously and stop going after temporary gains to suffer long term. Enough is enough!!! Let us stop the recycling of this set of politicians. They have failed us woefully it is time to look elsewhere. It is time to take our destiny in our hands. It is time to make a difference. Make a change and be the change even in our little corner. Your vote counts, collectively we can chase the bad eggs out and put in people of repute. El Rufai you have done well please don’t be pressured to go back on your decision. I hope other governors can follow suit with this. May God bless Nigeria and bless all its citizen. Have a wonderful week.. T21



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  1. T21 Nigeria strike me as in the Bible when the Israelites were feeling cool as slaves when they were the real deal of God’s grace. look at the everyday average guy… he goes out and he’s superamazing. my point is we are the solution. By God we’ve been too careful in this country that all vagabond in expensive apparel want to slap you for free and tell u ‘God bless you’ and we would reply ‘it is well’ SMH.


    • You have said it all, we need to stand up and change things around us, we need to be more doers than talkers, we need more action and less wailing. we need to start now and stop procrastinating. God help us all…. T21


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