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Review of Kingsman : The Golden Circle

Kingsman : The Golden Circle

kingsman circle1

Before I watched this movie I had heard a whole lot of reviews from close friends and as it is my tradition I do not form an opinion till I have watched a movie myself so as not to be biased. So I set out to watch this movie, one movie I was really looking forward to in 2017 if I must mention. Let us not forget that the very first one was something different, something unique. It thrilled us and it made James Bond look old school (Yes you heard me!!!). Like I mentioned years back. Samuel L. Jackson was the perfect villain. He took the movie to a whole new height and it would be hard to usurp that. That proved to be true. But before I go ahead to jump the gun. A little summary of the movie.

kingsman circle2

So the kings men moved on and life couldn’t have been better till they clashed with a drug lord more like a drug lady played by Julianne Moore, who wanted to be known all around the world, she sent a former intern of the Kingsman who survived the bombing in part I against Eggzy, unknown the team. Eggzy was not the target, they wanted to get into the systems of the Kingsman which they succeeded in doing and blowing up every secret place of the team. Members of this underworld organisation were called the Golden circle because of the tattoo made of gold that was imprinted on every member. After the bombing only Eggzy and Merlin survived. They went in search of doomsday code. Which took them to America to find out they had distant cousins in America (a similar organisation known as the statesman). The drug Lord introduced a form of virus into her drugs that made people sick and eventually die and only she had the cure. All she wanted was legalisation of drugs. Long story short. Harry (Colin Firth) is found not to have died, Merlin lays down his life for the team which was one of the most amazing part of the movie with the song he sang, I had that downloaded after watching the movie by the way and in the end the vaccine is spread around the world and everyone is cured.

kingsmen the golden

MY REVIEW: The action was great, they don’t do any wrong in this aspect I must commend. The suits, infact the general costumes and gadgets where excellent. What is it with British movies and adidas I must find out though? The comic relieve was refreshing and the storyline well thought out. The president was insane (Like Trump Ooops you did not hear me say that lol). Elton John sure should be considered for a Kingsman. John brought beauty, glamour and a good laugh to the movie. The only downside for me is simple the Villian Poppy played by Julianne did not intrigue, did not whao anyone infact did not do justice to the movie. She did not outdo Samuel L Jackson which would have been a tough ask. She was simply plain with no added vehemence to her nature. Samuel Jackson took us to another level and made the heroes look really good because he was that badass but the Julianne in this one, she wasn’t all that and the acting I am afraid wasn’t world class I would maybe not drop the blame entirely on her table, the writer and Director could have done more if you ask me. This brought a potentially four star to a three star. Harley Berry could also have done better, maybe the role, maybe the restriction I really was expecting her to be more of an action figure and not one behind the system with a BAD WIG ON (I am sorry dear but I have to be honest).

I would rate it a 3 star out of a 5… Still a great movie to watch believe me. T21


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