Why the Hike in Toll gate fees in Lagos?

Why the Hike in Toll Gate fees in Lagos

toll gate hike

So last week the news filtered in about a hike in the toll gate fee for commuters along the Lekki-Epe Expressway and Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge by the Lekki Concession Company (LCC). On hearing this news from a OAP on twitter I told myself this couldn’t be true considering the times we are in presently in the country. But my fear was confirmed and my doubt proved to be true. They actually did put up a post about the increase without consulting anyone and would have started collecting the hiked price if not for the timely intervention by the Lagos state Government.

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Now let me state here that as a law-abiding citizen who pays his tax, I feel this is just outrageous in Lagos, It is totally unfair and shouldn’t be considered at all, I don’t buy into what The Government of Lagos state communicated about meeting with the stakeholders before acting, it should be downright thrown out the window, this hike. The money realized from the toll gate alone over the years is good enough to build another 10 roads around the state because it is running into millions. So why put the people into more hardship. It is insensitive, uncalled for and grossly unnecessary. So how many times does the road get spoilt? How many times do they actually fix these roads, how much is realized daily which if I am not exaggerating would be going to millions, is this not enough to take care of the roads maintenance? Wasn’t there a contract signed before these roads were constructed and the length it would take to fulfill it and the logistics done to maintain and service the loan if a loan was taken? I totally kick against it and I know I am not alone with this school of thought. It is unfair on its citizen especially the law abiding tax paying citizens that are still trying to recover from the recession that everyone seems to think we are out of but the prices of things say otherwise. His Excellency Ambode should better make sure something is done to remedy this because it is a wrong move by the government of the day running Lagos. They should not forget elections are not far away again, these things can be decisive in swaying the votes. Once again I would advise the Governor, not only should he suspend this but he should throw this out. This is not what we need at the moment. He needs to focus on finishing the road along the “Ikeja along” to Iyana Ipaja road. It is a cause of traffic congestion every day, It is beyond disheartening though a good cause and only the speedy completion can allow Lagosians forget the hardship quick enough, not to forget the Mile2-Badagry expressway and train currently going at a snail speed should gather pace. It is as if after Fashola left not much has been done regarding that road and these are two governors from the same party so continuity should not be an issue. This and more should be looked at and not hiking of price at this period. Let us be woke and make sure we lend our voice to kick out this form of oppression. May God bless Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. T21


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