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Naaaaaaaaa tu we yaaaaaaaaa mama ni tibaba oooh we ya maaaa!! To my readers from South Africa especially the Swahili speaking tribe I am so sorry, I am too passionate not to scream that out while writing this and then writing it down in my own way. LION KING one of my all-time favourite cartoon of all time is coming to the BIG SCREEN!!!! Someone SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is time to get normal lol Yes i agree i was not that normal up there lol I cannot keep calm!. I am so excited with the news that Lion King eventually would be brought to life in the screen with the aid of technological advancement in the world there is no better time for it to come out, the date is slated for 2019. With my little knowledge of movies CGI would most likely be used for the movie. The likes showcased in movies like Jungle book, Tarzan and the likes. It is also amazing that NIGERIA, SOUTH AFRICA AND UGANDA would be represented and please before you go all is Chiwetel yours truly, Yes he is our own in Nigeria, Ejiofor is no English name ooo lol. But People this is amazing and I am writing more out of emotion right now because I am really excited about this project.

lion king movie

The cast would include *Donald Glover (remember him in Spiderman homecoming lol) would voice Simba.

*Beyonce (Who run the world girls!!!, the mother of twins, wife to JayZ, former member of Destiny Child and one half of the power couple. Leader of the Beyhive an icon in the music industry) would voice Nala.

*James Earl Jones would voice Mufasa (I love those Hyenas the way they called the name Mufasa in the cartoon and laughed lol it still cracks me up till now)

*Chiwetel Ejiofor( Actor in the half the yellow sun, yes among other movies but that movie is our own too that is why I mentioned it lol) would voice SCAR (of all roles to give Nigeria sha, it is the traditional bad boy role, the Yoruba demon lol)

*Alfre Woodard (she is a sound actor, in the league of Samuel L Jackson and Denzel. She was in Captain America’s Civil war) would voice Sarabi

*John Oliver would play Zazu

*John Kani would be tasked with the role of voicing RAFIKI, (Robert Guillaume may his soul rest in peace voiced it in the original Cartoon movie, so John Kani would have to pull his weight on this one)

*Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner would play both Pumba and Timo (Now I am interested in this two, Seth I know of, but they would need to really pull it off with the witty sarcasms and all to bring life to the movie)

*Eric Andre would voice Azizi

*Florence Kasumba would voice Shenzi

*Keegan-Michael Key would voice Kamari

*JD McCrary would voice young Simba

*Shahadi Wright Joseph would voice Young Nala

Those are the casting Crew and the movie once again is the SUMMER OF 2019 Disney thank you but I do have a stern warning please do not ruin my childhood memory of this awesome cartoon, I would prefer it cancelled that my memory of something so precious ruined. Thanking you in advance DISNEY.

Who is ready!!! Let me know your thoughts on this.


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    • It is going to be a Movie, not really a remake… I hope so too, those memories are sacred, i am contacting my inside man now and warning him lol……….. T21


    • You know we cannot wait for an election, trust me it would come real quick just like the elections lol… But really i hope it would be worth the wait……… T21


  1. Be cool now. Even though I’m a big fan of animation. I was wowed by jungle book. I hope this would be great too.
    Also, my mehn Chiwetel as scar… I don’t know. He’s always acting good good part. Hope he nails this one.


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