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Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Pirates of the Caribbean has been for a while, it started up as a movie and like Fast and Furious it has turned into a franchise that is renowned.

So in 2017 Pirates of the Caribbean came up with a new one “DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES” and yours truly Johnny Depp was at it again.

So the summary about the movie; There is the son of this captain who is cursed named Henry and cannot break the curse, Henry vowed to find a way of breaking the curse and grew up with that vow to find Captain Jack Sparrow to help find the staff of Poseidon which can break any curse. On the other hand there is another captain who was fighting against Pirates at sea before a young Sparrow made sure he was led into a cursed cave and everyday he counted down to being released and killing Jack Sparrow.

The ever drunk Jack Sparrow made his first appearance trying to rob a safe, which he almost succeeded in doing but failed at the last-minute. So Henry that vowed to break the curse employed the services of Jack Sparrow. To cut the long story short, The Staff was gotten, the cursed Captain Salazar got destroyed in the battle ensuing while Captain Hector Barbosa sacrificed himself for his daughter that he found along the way. The Boy got to free his father and it was a great ending with Johnny Depp heading back to sea with a great ship and crew. I enjoyed the movie because Jack is not your everyday hero, he is first and foremost a Pirate that is willing to find gold anywhere he can lay his hand upon, he occasionally betrays his friends and does stupid things but in everything he defiles all odds and tends to do good in the general scheme of things. I think this twist gives it an interesting edge.


My Review: Pirates of the Caribbean never fails to appeal to its audience though I would say maybe personally its influence is waning. The effect and buzz it use to have is probably not there as it used to be but we cannot take away the creative genius of the writer, Director and Producer. The cast crew also can be amazing and to be honest Johnny Depp gives life to the character Captain Jack Sparrow. The acting was top-notch, the cinematography exceptionally done, costume doesn’t fall short of excellent and I would not mind another doze of it again in the future. It is a good watch but you would have to view from the first one to understand some of the characters and where they are coming from to really get the storyline and appreciate the journey so far.

I will rate it a four star out of five really because I have sort of been following the franchise. What are your thoughts though?


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