Is TSTV dead on Arrival?

Good Morning everyone before I go ahead to talk about the topic for today, I would like to give a special shout out to a reader on the island of Saint Kitts and Nevis also known as Saint Christopher and Nevis. I following is well appreciated and maybe sometime soon i would write about this beautiful island of a country. T21                                               

Is TSTV dead on Arrival?



When the news filtered in about a cable station which would be unleashed on Nigerians by October 1st 2017, I was one of the skeptical few, many rejoiced and said they would be the one to break the monopoly of DSTV and believe me I wanted to believe this great news because we the viewers can only be the ones to enjoy if the monopoly DSTV has is broken. But I had this feeling it wasn’t going to be that easy, my fear stemmed from the fact that there was a company (maybe still exist though I doubt) called HITV that was promising who got the rights to air the Premiership and Nigerians where truly glad to have a company they could call their own to break the Monopoly of DSTV, the prices of HITV then was so good even DSTV had to crash down their prices, but it did not take long before things went south, DSTV got back the rights of the Premiership and because HITV did not find a way of developing their other stations only relying on the premiership they fell like a pack of cards once that was stripped from them and the rest like they say is history.

So with TSTV I heard enough promises, like it having data enough for use to browse and all, it would be Pay per view. You can suspend subscription for a certain number of days in a month and so much juicy stations. All this was tempting and even DSTV showed concern and seemed to be readjusting in their services, watching and waiting. Fast forward to few weeks to the launch and then my fears began to come through some of the owners of this channels being advertised started to write open letters warning TSTV they did not have the right to air the channels having not collected license to. Not one or two, it was disheartening and my worst fear came through. Where they dead on arrival, it is the 22nd day of October and though I want to be optimistic, the hype and buzz about TSTV seems to have piped down, way down and DSTV just seem to have continued business and returned to status quo. Is there any hope of revival? It would be hard to be honest because they had their chance to make an impact, they had time to really plan and make sure they had a case watertight and appealing that it would break the stronghold of DSTV but they stumbled even before they started. Sigh just like the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, they have failed us. We would just have to wait for salvation somewhere else. I have a dream that one day a Nigerian owned cable company would come along and break the Monopoly of DSTV and we the viewers would be happier of it all.

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