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The Dark Tower

                                                THE DARK TOWER

 dark tower 2

So it is a movie Idris Elba is featured in, it is just fair that many would want to watch this adapted novel turned screenplay. I have heard a lot about the movie but I never form an opinion about a movie till I have gotten the chance to watch it myself, then and only then would I criticize “constructively” a movie. So here goes THE DARK TOWER.



First the summary of the movie; A tower within worlds that shields the different worlds from the evil force outside the realms. (Spoiler alert; does this remind you of Marvel’s Dr strange and Thor? Oh yes it does a whole lot. The different worlds, the force that protects all the world from impending danger, instead of three in Dr Strange, just one great wall and the irony is that Idris Elba was in Thor guarding the door to the realm, which he seems to be guarding here too. Maybe all this is just a figment of my very own imagination. You see why it is not good to watch too many movies they tend to start looking alike lol.) Now this tower is guarded by men called gun slingers. They protect the wall with their lives and all, swearing to an oath to protect it no matter what, against dark forces trying to break this Tower and get the darkness inside. The prophesy goes out that only a child with psyche powers can break and destroy the Tower and allow the darkness in, and that child must be from Keystone earth (reminds me of Keystone Bank in Nigeria lol, also this part about prophesy and all reminds of the Convergent trilogy, go figure) So there is this boy played by Tom Taylor who has this ability and can see the future, there is also the evil Sorcerer played by Matthew McConaughey who tries to get the boy and kill the gun slinger. You know how the story ends, good defeats evil blahblah.

 Dark tower

My review: The story line was not captivating or intriguing. It was to say the least “JUST THERE”. It did not pull us in, there were no twist and turns, too direct and I probably saw the end from the beginning with no plot twist in between to justify anything.

The costumes obviously did not do justice if you ask me, two different worlds but they tend to dress the same way and use the same weaponry, shouldn’t one be more civilized than the other and if our own earth was supposed to look the younger then not much was advanced in the mid earth. Anyways one part I did enjoy was the way he killed the villain Sorcerer. I was really keen to see how it would be possible for Roland (Idris Elba) to take out Walter (Matthew McConaughey) who had shown so great a strength throughout the movie. But this was well thought out or I think the writer of the novel should be giving the applause for this one. Played on the arrogance of the Sorcerer and before he could stop the bullet shot another one which diverted the movement of the first one straight to the heart of the Sorcerer. Good one there. It seems there would be a sequel, well most of this movies leave room for a sequel but with what I have seen, I don’t think we would be needing one.


I would rate this movie a TWO star out of a FIVE. Storyline to blame. Better luck next time Idris.


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  1. I agree the story line wasn’t that captivating…. But that can be said for all Stephen King books…. The guy is just creepy that way.

    As for the worlds being similar, I actually liked that about the movie. We are fond of seeing different worlds played out as being distractingly different and seeing a world sharing more similarities with only a lapse in time placement was actually good.

    Roland’s world was looking more like civil war era America….. Sometimes less is good.

    I believe the movie deserves an extra star…. Even with it’s predictability…..

    And next time I give you a movie….. My name must be duly noted…. Before my next fellow Nigerians rant will be about you….

    In fact…. I might just go ahead and do it right now…. 😒😒😒


    • duly noted sir lol….. please dont rant we dont want a civil war up in here or anywhere LMAO!!!….. Let us see what every other person thinks though…. Thanks for the comment…. T21


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