George Weah

GEORGE WEAH: You can be whatever you want to be.. Only Believe

 george weah acmilan

GEORGE WEAH; if you don’t know this man then where have you been, not this planet I presume. Lol Just kidding. Let us go back in time on a brief history of this great man. I will not bore you with loads of details. George Weah started up his life in Liberia has a young footballer and then went on to Europe to ply his trade. He was so good AC Milan one of the giants of Italian football snapped him up, where he became so famous for his deadly finishes as a striker that even FIFA recognised his exploits and named him the World Footballer of the year in 1995. He became the first and only African till date to have won the prestigious price and that in itself is no small feat.


But if you for one second thought that was amazing, I have even better news for you. After trying really hard to qualify Liberia is country for the World cup to no avail. He retired from International football and years later went into Politics. Now the first question everyone asked the National Hero was, what does a footballer know about politics and the affairs of the nation? That did not sway the man and he ran for office and lost marginally to Johnson Sirleaf. Making her the first female president of Liberia, her past experience with the world bank kept her in good stead and it was well deserved but this did not deter the man called George Weah, just like in football, he decided to get better at this new terrain and his never give up attitude kept him going, he instead ran for Senator and won, and learnt what he needed to learn. Then came 2017 George Weah ran again for President after Sirleaf’s term was up and this time he won. Oh yes you heard it. George Weah will become the new President of Liberia after his swearing-in ceremony.

 george weah

I am sure you have heard the cliché you can be whatever you set your heart to be, if only you believe and then work towards it, I am sorry to break it to you that is no cliché at all. It is facts written in the sands of time. From Mohammed Ali to Mandela to Anthony Joshua even to the famous Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi and now George Weah is reaffirming what we already know to stand true. What makes it even amazing is, he not only succeeded in one field but two, he did not allow the temporary setbacks affect him, he kept believing, kept pushing and never gave up. DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM, YOU CAN AND WILL MAKE IT IF ONLY YOU BELIEVE AND WORK HARD AT IT. With this I hope I have been able to give you a push for this week. Life is hard, can be unfair, many things could work against you but know this. You can be whoever you decide to be if you believe it is all in your hands. You have the power to change that disadvantage into an advantage. That mess into a message and that situation into an Inspiration. You are not in competition with anybody but yourself. You were born to WIN!!!!


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