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Law and Order


Where there’s no law there’s no sin
Ancient wisdom forewarn
then it hit me with an enforcer’s truncheon
a string of letters – law and order
two powerful words indeed until
i realised it’s significance like the encroachment of the last days
of a wild goose chase as we race
the juxtaposition of a great two monolith
standing side-by-side like antonyms
in the hands of the enforcer: law and order

A law is the mallet in hands of the judge
crushing those who are against the law
the law is for order but
surely the order is not for the law
when the bottom rung of the societal ladder is in form
while the top takes a formless ameobic geometry
And they say ‘do not kill’ yet the enforcers fires the first bullet
shun sharp practises; yet
corruption is like the dish that stains the lips of our leaders
like a toddler caught in the act.

the law is not order
when the plus 170 million natives stay in line
while the boss breaks every written creed in the books
after all he has the law on his side
embellished in all kinds of name
‘impunity” the amendment’
because let’s face it
a law that is not sacrosanct is no law
a law that is not built on timeless principle is no law
a law that empowers the servant against his masters
or a ruler whatever the title is called these days against those that employed him is no law.

who is the law?
who makes the law?
who makes the law for the enforcer that makes the law?
i truly do not know but i know this
the only law – the law of natural order
the law of Karma
the law of and for all mankind
the law that brings balance and equality
the law that brings order indeed.



Written: Mayowa Shobo

Picture: Google


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