Real Madrid U-9 show sportsmanship by allowing Sevilla U-9 score..

real madrid U9 2

So I watched a video on Instagram about the Real Madrid U-9 showing the highest level of sportsmanship I have seen, after scoring a goal but finding out the Sevilla goalkeeper was injured. They proceeded to stand, Mannequin style while the Seville boys scored one back. That was a level of love and care even in a competition that touched the depth of my heart.


It rekindled my conviction about love and tolerance. In this life we all want to win, we all want to be the Tops, we all want to come out victors in life’s competition and competitors, in this course we forget what truly matters which is LOVE.. Which is affecting a life positively which is showing kindness which is showing love is greater than any accomplishment, because in showing love in itself outweighs any other form or kind of accomplishment. True fulfilment is in showing love and affecting a life or lives in such a way that posterity will never forget your name. You ask why the rich do the work of Philanthropy, asides the fact they want their tax reduced, there is a certain type of fulfilment you get from giving to those that cannot give back in return or helping people and changing their lives for the better that no amount of wealth can give.

That is why this week my heroes are those Madrid U-9 boys and their coaches, they have shown the act of sportsmanship which is another kind of love and we are all proud. My regular Mantra states we are all humans first and we should show love, don’t let religion, race, culture, color or class divide us because we are humans first.


This is why I would call out Dove for that horrendous adverts they aired. It is the height of insensitivity and senselessness on their part and the whole team left to me should be fired. It does not promote Unity or love in any way. It does not preach good will or equality regardless of race and that is just wrong on all counts. Like I said earlier we should not be too focused on winning and forget that love is key. We should not be too focused on winning and hurt, break or destroy people while at it. It is pointless and uncalled for.

real madrid U9

This week, show an act of kindness to someone who cannot return the favour. Show it to someone without expecting anything in return or waiting for them to pay you back. When you do this, you will testify to the unexplainable joy and fulfilment you would feel inside I bet you. T21


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