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War of the Planet of the Ape

War for the Planet of the Ape…

planet of the apes

This is the 3rd and hopefully the final part of this great movie series. This movie started years back and I would just quickly give a recap. Humans like to explore, like to test, like to go against nature other times with greater repercussions. In this movie the scientist wanted to make the Apes as intelligent as we the humans are so they tested them and after much research and studying it finally worked. They invented Apes that could talk and reason just like man. The first one was called Ceasar. Soon after the ground breaking discovery, a virus unknown to the scientist was also born which killed the species of men and reduced the population of man so drastically that the Apes had more population than man himself. Ceasar was shown love and kindness by one of the scientist’s family but that kind of love could not be said of the other apes who were experimented on, of which one was Kobo. The apes had to run into the woods when humans started hurting them down when it was discovered the virus was traced to them and their existence. Fast forward some years and the apes had started forming communities, Ceasar was the leader and maintained law and order, Kobo was his assistant. While Caesar still had a soft spot for humans and felt the need for justice, Kobo on the other hand hated the humans for all they did to him while they experimented on him. His hate consumed him and he wanted nothing to do with the humans. The remaining humans wanted to explore how far the intelligence of the apes had grown and they also needed clean water which led them to the forest where the Apes were based. Ceasar accommodated them while Kobo had other plans. To cut the long story short, Kobo tried killing Ceasar and blamed it on the humans, the apes went to war against the humans, Ceasar came back and killed Kobo but the war had begun already which led to this war in this newly released movie of 2017.

The Military where contacted to help eradicate the apes. Ceasar led the apes into hiding and only killed when attacked. He showed mercy to those that surrendered and sent them to their Colonel, letting them know he was up for peace and not war. The humans fought alongside the apes that where famous to Kobo and tried bringing down Ceasar but all this proved unyielding. Ceasar’s wife and other children after a raid by the Colonel himself died except one. Ceasar was filled with so much hate and was beginning to turn to Kobo allowing the hate consume him.

To cut the epistle short. The Colonel discovered that the virus mutated and now it was rubbing the humans the ability to talk, write and even think freely. It was making them primitive. Nature was fighting back and restoring order.


Let me just go ahead to review the movie. The storyline is amazing and there are many lessons to be learnt from this movie. It is a well thought out script with great twists and plots and not so far-fetched from what is happening in the human race. The clear distinction between right and wrong; love and hate. The hard choice of leading and making decisions that are unpopular but needed. The pains of war for the price of peace and knowing only evil, pain, hurt can come out of war. The power of love should never be underestimated and even in the unlikely of places love shines forth.


Cinematography, lighting, voice over and the CGI used where amazing. The combats very believable. The apes almost humanlike but still ape in nature. The movie was a long one though over two hours but it was worth every second. The dialogues also a good deal of work was put in place and we have to give the producer and director good rating for a job well done. The continuity also was not lost throughout the movie and Ceasar who had escaped death so many times over had to eventually succumb to death. A befitting end to the movie. I also enjoyed the fact that he learnt that those that try so hard in instilling hate, end up consuming their selves, we should not allow them have power over one by spiralling down into their hate. Ceasar learnt that as he saw the Colonel wallow down and begged for death after the virus he so much hated, so much that he killed his only son caught up to him.


I would rate the movie a 4 star and the half out of the full mark of a five. You should totally watch it if you have two hours to burn it would be worth the watch. T21



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