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In the deepest seat of my imagination;

There came, the voice shrouded in the dark;

The confines of my imagination;

Like a symbol flash before my mind eye;

Vivid apocalyptic characters baying;

‘I know why the great disaster linger still

Beyond the dimension of human comprehension’


Like a wave that keeps changing courses

Yet just a while…it’s the rudder a goodbye trail;

Then another breathe, it’s ever so close like a two-faced coin;

That the end of times in this terrestrial ball;

The end of mankind;

Out of the jurisdiction of the mishap of nature’s disasters;

The invisible rays from outta space;

Whether benign or malignant;

None the least, a kingdom, empire or

A fierce winged army of soulless phantoms,

from the other anti-matter dimension;

yet in the confounding equation lies a key that fits all;

the nature of Man

of all sizes and colour forms;

Man is the beginning of man;

And the end of man;

That the disaster was never nature’s

No! not Mother Earth;

But the dual constitution of the humankind: Apocalypse

Yet just a while ago;

It was so close, less than a hair’s width;

the demonic disposition of mankind;

Yet by another stroke;

Like the flipping of an hour-glass;

Its rudder looms further away by the angelic nature of man.


Mayowa Shobo

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