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Dance to my Beat

Dance to my Beat!!

dance to my beat

It is another time for the weekly review (that is if there is a movie to review sha lol). I was accused by a very good friend I do not review Nigerian movies. So I decided to take the challenge and this would be my first review on the blog, my first hopefully of many. Let me state I would be using the same very high standards for Nollyhood movies I use for Hollywood movies, so no sentiment here.

So here goes, my very first movie for review is DANCE TO MY BEAT.



The movie is about a couple who lived in together and had been preparing to get married for a while before the wife said enough was enough. She told the man who was played by Joseph Benjamin, she was ready to get married and proposed a date. He was in so much pressured and sort counsel from his friend played by Ushbebe. But when he got home and he and his wife played by Mary Lazarus compared note, his wife’s total was excessive but she had an idea to use the money gotten from selling Aso Ebi (a uniform lace material sold to guest for an event) to fund the wedding and even get enough left over to move into a bigger apartment and buy a car.

But the saying what goes around comes back around was the classic case. Instead of investing the profit gotten from the wedding she had to attend events upon events buying aso-ebi. Also spending money on an expensive apartment and car. Soon enough their expensive life style caught up with them.


I have a problem with the name of the movie. Dance to my beat, yes it shows the man dancing to the beat of his wife, but probabyly something like Aso-Ebi would have drove home the point. and the poster picture also, they are all dressed english like for a movie emphasizing Aso-ebi it is quite misleading, I was actually misled to be honest.

Joseph Benjamin was the first person to catch my attention, his acting was amazing to say the least, considering he had to change from his famous Porsche accent to an Igbotic accent to fit the role. He was exceptional and comfortable in it, which cannot be said of Mary Lazarus playing Lamide a Yoruba woman. She did not do justice to the role as her accent betrayed her over and over.

Toyin Abraham was wonderful in her role as madam lace. She did well and Ushbebe brought life to the movie.


The storyline was not all that, but the hilarious nature of the movie made up for it. Some locations too where not spot on like Egbeda and the Alausa office, but we can forgive them for that aspect. The acting of some of the character left much to be desired though and at some point the movie began to drag and this could put anyone off.


The lessons are glaring, cut your coat according to your size. A wedding is not a do or die affair because the wedding day is not what matters rather the marriage which is for a life time. People should not be given in to pressure to impress or show off to friends and run in debt. Also couples INVEST! INVEST!! INVEST!!! I cannot over emphasize this enough.


I would rate this movie a two star out of five. Benjamin and Ushbebe singlehandedly giving this movie its second star.



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