Memo of a Strong Woman


It has been a while i have written in here… But this best describes some of my feelings right now…. To every woman out there that has been awesome this one is for you also..

A Tribute to a Strong Woman

virtous woman

The strength of a woman who caters for are hailing husband, though he had many battles to fight and won each one, but there was one behind those victories, fighting, praying, standing in the gap, standing for him, standing against those that tried to take him away be it sickness, be it death, be it works of men, be it pain. She was there through it all silently fighting, standing firm, being loyal to this man she called her better half. Upholding the vows she made before God and congregation of men, the words re-echoing “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish till death do us part”. She kept every single line of those sacred vows, not just mere words but powerful proclamation from the heart. He may not have deserved it every time but she still gave it anyway, alas who is perfect. Hospital after hospital she was there, through his victories she stood by him and in his seemingly defeats, she was there steadying the boat of their relationship. Alas Night came, the will to fight was no longer there. He saw the pain he was causing in her eyes and he wanted to end it even if it meant sacrificing his fighting will. She had gone where no man would go for him, she had conquered where many would have faltered with him. She had seen the glaring impossibilities and frailties but still decided to go on this Journey with him even when she might have had many other choices.

He saw all this and he decided enough is enough, he was not going to put such a strong, virtuous, loving and longsuffering woman go on in his condition. He let go and Let God. He was taken to rest on the other side, though he could tell the tears and sadness he would cause leaving her behind but he knew it would be temporary and she was strong, she would overcome. She would have cause to smile again in the not too distant future, He knew she had paid her dues and Karma was not only for evil but for good too and she would have much more than she gave.

Her story would read a Widow. But that doesn’t even best describe it. She is a strong woman, she is a patient woman, she is a loving woman, she is a virtuous woman, she is a God sent woman and this is her story still being written because she would smile again and when her time is up, she would also see him again.


This one is for you Mum… I love you


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  1. Solid write up. I am With you all the way. God bless the AKAPO’S and we shall live long and eventually see daddy at the feet of JESUS.


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