News 25/9


kingsmen the golden

The Kingsmen is finally here… I repeat the Kingsmen is finally here… what are you waiting for, get to a cinema near you and watch it before I give you all a spoiler. You know that is my specialty.


TRUMPed on Twitter.

donald twitter rant

It is no longer news, maybe news for some though that the President of the United states invited the Golden states Warriors winners of the NBA, but what caught our attention was the decline by Stephen Curry of the invitation stating this was his way of saying he did not stand for the policies and altercations of the President, Donald Trump, but in a twist of event, Trump replied that it should be an honour for any person to be invited to the white house and was hereby receding the invite. But this just brought more lambasting from Kobe Bryant and Lebron James who informed him you cannot do such when the invite was turned down in the first place.. Not good times for Trump.


Buhari’s check up


Our president after the UN general meeting informed that he would be going for a medical checkup in London and would be back on Monday 25th of September which is today, we await his arrival and pray for his sound health.




It was not the expected final for Nigeria against Ghana in the West African games Nigeria was expected to win after beating the Ghanaians earlier in the group stage and not conceding a goal throughout the competition. The home based Eagles conceded four goals and had one solitary goal back by the Kano Pillar veteran Rabiu Ibrahim. It was a sad ending to a promising tournament that would have boosted the confidence of the boys going to CHAN. Oh well you win some, you lose some, back to the drawing board it is for this boys.



uefa logo

The Uefa champion’s league would be back this week but the pick of the bunch for me would be the match between Real Madrid the defending champion who seem to be having a rough patch and the free scoring Dortmund spearheaded by Aubemeyang. I wish all the premiership team well though.




I want to use this medium to wish my sister, second mum and mother to my niece a happy birthday. God bless you dear… 26th of September 2017 is the date…. Princess Jasmine this one is for you…. T21



Psquare or MrP and Rudeboy


It seems all is not well AGAIN!!! For the umpteenth time in the squareville. Could this be the final straw only time will tell.



Quote for the day: Salt does not have to have the same quantity has the stew to sweeten it, It is not in the quantity but the Potency…



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