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Get in here people it is another movie review and I remain your host T21. The movie up next for review is Baywatch. Hurray!!!


The movie featured Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efrun in this beach side setting. Dwayne is a dedicated lifeguard in the beach who is so committed to his work, he knows every inch of the bench and everyone, so much so that any new person coming to the beach, he would know. On the other hand Zac is a failed Olympian, who had two Olympic gold but before the relay in the water sport he went drinking a night before and threw up. He went from Hero to zero in seconds and was at the beach for community service because he was on probation.


Naturally Dwayne did not like him because he was carefree, nonchalant though it was visible to all he was truly talented and one with the water; he did not care for the team asides himself. But towards the cause of the movie he learnt how to accommodate others while they investigated a drug Lady who was trying to buy the whole beach, privatize it and use it to run her drug business. To cut the long story short they find the evidence they need, stop the Drug Lady from getting away and save the beach.


Let us also remember this is a remake of the famous Baywatch.


My review; The storyline was not exceptional, well I was not expecting it to be, it did not seem a high budget movie but what it lacked in a well written out story it gathered in action and fun and lighting. Dwayne Johnson did what Dwayne knows how to do best, be focused, be dedicated, add his manly kind of fun and be the hero of the day (P.S I really want to see Dwayne act the villain for once, a non-smiling villain if I must add). Zac complimented him also in the movie, the other cast did not also fail in their roles. Cinematography was good, also was lighting. The twist and plots where not so and for a drug lady with so much money, power and influence she sure had few guards and she was less than discreet. The movie failed to offer much, and would not cut it for me (I know I am a little harsh, but can you blame a brother for asking for more).


Regardless it is a fun movie, you would enjoy it especially if you like the beach life. I would score it  2stars out of 5. Probably wait for the DVD to come out, it would not be worth the watch in Cinema. T21


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