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SOS:The Pedophile

A wonderful write-up about a reality in our society, it takes a collective effort of you and me to cub such occurrences and speak out against such evil. Together we can kick such menace out!!! Written by a good friend and brother Mayowa Shobo…


The pedophile,

The immaculate perfection of the white of their eye

Casting a mute upon their evil intentions,

The softness of their countenance,

The veil of what an unsightly horror hidden in hellish depths,

prodding in the familiar paths of our everyday lives,

The most primal instincts of human need,

Sweeping robes of the most sanctimonious of many world religions; the colourful kaleidoscope of our cultural doctrine;

All forms of the scaffolding of our beliefs,

Escher’s artistic impression,

Protean demons in angelic apparel,

Hiding in the woods; under such appellations as betrothal, slavery and any form of sexual debasement against the human spirit,

Clinging to the foliage of societal insanity springing forth like weeds in today’s world,

So I dare say,

Gone are the days when the baby saints gallivant in the wild,

In the unscathed niche of a fearless co-existence in fated heavenly eternity,

The ancient lore tell it loudly,

The weeds have outgrown the forest into our homes and worship houses

The wild (the city) isn’t the same safe anymore as this monsters sprawl in wait

For our babies to snatch them from their mother’s breast,

Riding little reds shrouded in the shawls of wolfish clutches;

And the company of honeycomb Promethean tongues,

Rooted deeply in the forms of familiar village life;

Of kith ship, kinship, spirituality and commerce,

So this is an SOS,

Against the paedophile,

Peeling the innocence of our babies before they cum men and woman of stature,

The victim of the societal accidents; of psychopathic proclivities,

Till themselves are morphed to reincarnation of their hijackers,

The fundamental questions of our history,

Of the outgrown weeds,

Of bad traditions and the careless abandonment of their guardian;

stigmatizing majority; the learned helplessness of the watchmen,

Against the cries of the victims,

The cry,

Against the Paedophile..



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