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Power Puff Girls

Power Puff Girls


If this rings a bell to you then you probably old and should go and marry lol. I am just kidding. This was one cartoon on CARTOON NETWORK that many like me (lover of cartoons) thoroughly enjoyed growing up. It consisted of three little girls created by a scientist called the professor who had amazing powers and fought crime in the city that is the summary. Now the point to note is that they are three little innocent girls and it is a cartoon.


Fast forward to now they are introducing a supposed colored girl (let us call a spade a spade a black girl to eradicate the notion it is an all-white cast) . Oh please was this really necessary? The fact that they even thought about it to put a black girl in the mix shows the racist mind-set if you ask me. It is highly unnecessary to say the least. It is a cartoon I repeat. It is supposed to be innocent, sweet, devoid of any adult issues or misconception. We are the ones that fill children and show them white and black, can’t we all just be human and enjoy a good cartoon? The new black character would be known as Bliss with long blue hair and hips to match, she would join Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles.


So fans asked what her back story is. Others are hoping they do not destroy a childhood story all in the name of trying to bring a black character to set. While others love the look.


She is supposedly the elder sister of the three, created by the Professor in a failed experiment which he later perfected with the three power puff girls. Anytime Bliss got excited, frightened, angered, she could not control her powers and had to go on a self-imposed exile. She is back now. (That is the official story but again I say is it really necessary?)

power puff girl 1

My opinion is this, if the Asians can create Naruto and Bleach, Samurai X and the likes that where renowned worldwide it is time Africans also bring out amazing works that we can follow. Doesn’t mean we are divided far from it but it would show diversity in which there is beauty and also strength. There is no need for this reboot but if they insist then Voltron should have a black Palatan, Gforce also and all. LOL…


Let me have your say in this my people. What do you think of the new power puff girl?

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