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Miss Nigeria

MBGN 2017

Good day everyone, hope you all had a great weekend, I would not say it was that long, but weekends are made in China, they rarely last long (technically this not hold water like it use to but oh well, don’t mind me).


Over to the news around the world and we will start with the Most beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant (MBGN) that happened over the weekend. It was filled with glamour and razzmatazz. The girls thrilled the audience and while the show went on I watched a glimpse of the ladies unwinding and dancing to the Bangdangdang and the #shoveitupyourass. Hey ladies you just made those two more popular and with the excitement and jubilation Speed Darlington expressed when he made his first 100dollars from downloads I am happy for the artists.

Over to the Pageant it was nice. We had the ex-beauty queen in Stephanie Linus as one of the Judges. Miss Kebbi (Ugochi Ihezue) eventually became The Most beautiful girl in Nigeria, she was crowned by outgoing Queen Unoaku Anyadike and would represent the country in Miss World. She sure has a beautiful face with this amazing freckles to match. A natural beauty with brains if you ask me. Olamide also thrilled the fans with his songs, and everyone waited for his popular song WO!! And he did not disappoint. The only downside though was the crowd. They seemed tuned out and would not even clap or energize the atmosphere. It was also general consensus on the social media space that Miss IMO should have won it but oh well it is a competition and sometimes our favourites don’t always come out winners. Asides that everything went smoothly. Congratulations to the organisers and to the girls.

Other winners for the night include:

Miss Amity – Miss Yobe, Ndali Eno
Miss Photogenic/Congeniality – Miss Anambra, Maristella Okpala
Model of the Year – Miss Kebbi, Ugochi Ihezue
Best Costume – Miss Sokoto, Stephanie Agbasi
Best Evening Wear – Miss Bayelsa, Rebecca N Hampson
MBGN Ecowas – Miss Oyo, Emmanuella Yaboh
MBGN Tourism – Miss Plateau, Winfrey Okolo
MBGN Universe – Miss Sokoto, Stephanie Agbasi


Formula One…

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore

The formula one is coming to its end with few more races left. The last race Hamilton took it comfortably which made him take the lead in the standing for the first time with 2points. But the Singapore Grand prix is known to be one for the Redbull in which Vettel was once driving and the Ferrari are not far behind with their cars in this circuit. Mercedes where always going to struggle and struggle they did in practice 1,2 and 3. The Red bull where firing on all cylinder and enjoying themselves. Ricciardo even said if everything went according to plan this would see him getting podium. But the qualifiers showed us things to come. Vettel took pole position amazingly while Hamilton was left to start in 5th. If you are a Hamilton fan like me you would probably have given up on this race but that is the beautiful part about Formula one, anything, absolutely anything can happen on race day and it sure did. Immediately the cars left to start racing the most unexpected thing happened. Kimi Rakanon, Vettel of Ferrari and Max Verstapen of Redbull ran into each other and that was it for them in that race. It was unbelievable and even Hamilton would not believe his luck. I watched the replay over and over and it still felt unbelievable everytime. Hamilton seized the chance presented to him and never looked back. Alonso also did well with his new car and showed just why he is a great driver. It ended Hamilton first, Ricciardo of Redbull in second and teammate of Hamilton, Bottas in third. Next up Malaysia. Fasten your seatbelt this one is going to the wire.


Terrorist Attacks

I am not one that enjoys breaking bad news but, I have to keep you all in the know. It probably is no news that in the United Kingdom there was an explosion in the train station. It is sad people still kill people all in the name of religion, race or hate. Whatever it is we should know that we are humans first before anything else, we have equal rights and right of choice. We should learn to respect people’s choices. Let love be the bases for every action we carry out. Genuine love. We are humans first let us not forget that. Also the stabbing in France. May God help the family of the injured and dead. May God have mercy on us all.



Footballing News:


Both Manchester Clubs seem to be going head to head this season in the English premiership with Man city totally destroying Watford 6-0 while Manchester United on Sunday replied with their very own annihilation of Everton 4-0, even the visit of Rooney did not help the visitors at the theatre of dreams. Arsenal and Chelsea played a barren draw. Tottenham also continued their poor form in Wembley stadium against Swansea by playing a goalless draw and Liverpool finally drawing against Burnley.


In Spain Athletico Madrid won in their very first game in their new stadium and there could be no other person befitting to score the first ever goal in that stadium Antonio Griezmann did the honours. It ended 1-0 in favour of the home teams.

Barcelona came from behind to beat Getafe 2-1 but at a cost Dembele would be out for 4months.

Real Madrid played and also won 3-1.



Fighting in the South East

We heard last week about the unrest in the South East between the Independent People of Biafra and the Military. The Federal Government have come out to label the group a terrorist organisation and many have called to people to cling to the side of peace and not war. Remember war never solves anything, it just inflicts more pain, sorrow, regret and death. Let us not be too quick to forget the Civil war it was not a palatable thing. Let us ensue peace reigns and look for healthier ways to make sure we attain Peace and stability for all.


Movie for the Week: BAYWATCH


If you have not watched this movie then you are missing, it is a nice movie, one I might not necessarily advice you to go to the cinemas to watch but if you don’t have a choice you would still enjoy it. Watch out for the review during the week.


Quote for the week: True Love is what Humanity needs.. True Love starts with you..


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