The Hitman’s BodyGuard


The Hitman’s BodyGuard

hitmans bodyguard


When I heard about a movie with Ryan Reynold and Samuel L Jackson I was anticipating a blockbuster, why you might ask? After a failed project with Green lantern and the Wolverine movie, Ryan came back stronger with deadpool and nailed it since then it has been up hill for the amazing actor. Moving over to Samuel L Jackson the man of the year if you ask me, just like fine wine getting sweeter with age if I must say. With this combo I expected the absolute best and I was not disappointed people. I repeat I WAS NOT DISSAPPOINTED!!!


Before I continue if you have not watched the movie this would be a great time to stop reading and come back after you watch it but if you don’t mind a spoiler go ahead and continue it would be worth the spoil LMAO!!!


The story is based on a killer or hitman as stated in the movie trying to testify against a detector who has successfully silenced every other witness brought to testify against him or rubbish their claim, Samuel L Jackson playing the hitman was the last hope of Interpol to convict this dictator but first they had to get him across to the court alive to do this with Interpol being compromised they had to get someone outside the books.


Moving over to Ryan Reynolds who was a triple A (just like Samuel we wondered what such title meant lol) bodyguard who protected the rich and mighty who could afford his firm. He was skilled, rich and well-known as the best in his game till everything came crashing down when one of his client called killed. It crumbled his world. Fast forward to Samuel L Jackson getting to the court. The Lady assigned to protect him had to call an outside source and Ryan was the guy; the lady was the only person Ryan told about the dead client who he was in love with but now they were not dating and to sum it all up Samuel L Jackson was doing it for his wife in prison not for himself either. That sweet little thing called LOVE!


So that is the summary at least the first part. The storyline was amazing, out of the norm and different from the usual plots we have come to know which to me was amazing. The movie had everything from action, to suspense to thriller to comedy. It had a bit of everything which is something that most movies don’t get to have or do poorly with. Though we all knew how the story would play out eventually, but they made sure it was worth the ride to the predictable end. Impressive and yes it got a Triple A. The Cinematography, costume play and all was also very well done, kudos to the team. Some scenes that got to me include the Nuns in the car and Samuel singing alongside was hilarious, the part where Ryan was talking to the hot dog seller while things got blown out, venting out all his anger, the scene where Ryan first met Samuel and they had the standoff combat; and the soul-searching scene of Samuel’s past and the thought-provoking question; “Question for the higher gods, who is more wicked? He who kills evil people or he who protects them This got to me, I would leave you all to be the judge of that. Finally the things we do for love we cannot do without it, it is the sweetest thing and if misused can be a dangerous tool also.


Back to the summary the dictator ended up being put down by Samuel L Jackson, Samuel and Ryan got along fine, Ryan got the girl back and Samuel got his wife released then broke out of jail for their anniversary lol. Did I fail to mention the fireworks part when the car blew up lol.

I would rate the movie a 4 star out of a 5.. It is a must watch, one you would thank me for when you do eventually…



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  1. 4 out of 5?? what was the missing star? the stunts were not unreal, the romance was just the right amount, the humor was not forced. The pair of them was amazing. the plot was a simple story which is what every blockbuster needs (not some complicated story with much action).
    what was the final star?


    • The final star belonged to me…… But on a more serious note i gave it a 4 star because though a simple story well executed, we knew the predictable end to it, there was no exciting twist to sign off the movie has a great… For a movie to be perfect it needs to give us that extra awesome aura… T21


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