The News…11/9

The News…11/9


We remember the September 11 attacks today few years back… and we start up with a message… Violence is never the answer… Let your love shine through no matter what, live peaceably with all, show kindness with prejudice, never EVER impose your believes, culture, traditions or religion on any because everyone has the right to their choice. No man is superior or inferior we are all humans let us treat each other equally and fairly.. Remember we are first humans before anything else… before race, culture, religion, believes…. LOVE is the right way!


US Open…

sloane stephens

The weekend was filled with a whole lot of Tennis… In the women’s final it was an all American affair with with Sloane Stephens defeating the more experienced Madison keys, the beautiful thing about this win is that she becomes the first American to win the US open since Serena and Venus Williams won it and if you think that is outstanding, just last month she was ranked 934th in the world of women’s Tennis and coming into the Grand slam she was ranked 83rd… So far this is her best two weeks of her career and yes we celebrate with her. Her speech also was quite apt, during a summer camp the coach did not give her a chance of making it in the World of Tennis but at 24 she has won a grand slam and proved him wrong. You can be whatever you desire if you have hard work, dedication, and perseverance and believe. Never ever give up on your dream, no matter the voices that doubt you on the inside or around you. This is another example. Take a bow Stephens you have more than earned it.


Still at the US Open, Nadal won his 16th Grand slam title defeating Anderson who happened to be playing his first ever Grand slam final. It seems this is the year of the oldies just like fine wine they are getting better with age. Federer and Nadal have been doing exceptionally this year and it goes to show their quality. A good one I must say.


Don Williams…

If you are a fan of Country music and not a year 2000 baby lol you would know this man cum legend. He passed on at a ripe old age. Songs like “I believe in you” “You are my best friend” amongst others where great songs. I would be doing country music today for him.


NPFL Winner…


The Nigerian Premiership Football League ended on Saturday with Plateau United lifting the league for the first time since their existence in thirty something years. It must be said the Boboye led side from Jos did good all season and deserved the win, though MFM fc who are participating in their second season in the top flight and privately owned gave a good account of theirselves and must be given due accolades for this remarkable feat considering they were battling relegation just last season. They came in second and within a match to winning it, but the consolation is they get to play in the CAF champion’s league alongside Plateau United. Notable names like Iceprince and Olu maintain where in attendance and it was remarkable an event. Congratulations.


The UEFA champions League is back…

The Uefa Champions league is back… Get in here people the amazing tournament that features the best of the best in Europe kicks off on Tuesday and we cannot wait, well not all of us, just most of us… Arsenal would not be participating this year in case some of us forgot lol.

hitmans bodyguard

Movie for the week: The Hitman’s Bodyguard (P.S I have watched it and you can look out for my review on the movie at the end of the week. I am giving you all enough time to go watch it if you have not. I will be taking a thought provoking quote from the movie: “question for the higher powers; who is more wicked he who kills evil people or he who protects them”

Have a splendid week and stop existing and start living…..


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