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Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2


I intended not writing anything on this movie considering it came out a long time and one thing or the other hindered me from watching it (all those little foxes, the Lord pass you). Readers of the blog wrote me to ask for a review on the movie and that was the change of mind I needed. So it all started with the Lord of Snubville giving me the movie, to my greatest disappointment it did not play. (This little foxes are not joking sha) but with great determination I found what I was looking for and I am here finally to give you my unbiased review of an amazing movie (Ooops!!! Guess I have let the cat out of the bag).


Put in mind Guardians of the Galaxy volume one was amazing and it would take a lot to usurp that but Marvel had not failed me so far in their movies asides Spiderman homecoming; but I was eagerly anticipating what they had up their sleeve and the opening fight scene was amazing, everyone give it up for Groot, he or more like “it” made the movie so fun and lively, it was so cute and sweet and showed all the attributes of a child and how it needed constant guidance. You would not regret watching this movie again if you have and if you have not be determined like me and when you watch it you would not regret it.

I also Noticed the Sony Walkman (P.S if you do not know what a Walkman is or did not use one, you should just prostrate or kneel down to some of It brought a nostalgic feeling and showed the advancement in technology from then to now. Drax was hilarious and loud, very blunt with his thoughts but for a man like Bautista known for not smiling that was a good character change and I loved every part of it.

The songs chosen where from the archives and the evergreen songs are one you should listen to.


Can we also take a moment to say how vein Stan Lee is, the fact that he must feature in all Marvel franchise shows just how much, enough said moving on. I will not give him more shine. But did you notice who he was talking with? THE WATCHERS… They would play a prominent roles in Marvel movies to come


And the scene where Peter chose to be Pacman!! Of all things in the world he could have envisioned himself being he chose Pacman geez! Can I be Voltron also lol.


Finally is this a chance to give some retired fellows a screentime to shine? Because I don’t understand what the EXPENDABLES are doing on set!! Hey who does not love Sylvester Stallion. We do lol


Some of the quotes that got to me: “when you are ugly and someone loves you at least you know they love you for who you are, beautiful people don’t know who to trust- Drax.

you are the one that wanted to win and I wanted a sister… you are the one that always wanted to win that is why dad pulled my eyes from my head, my brain from my skull , my arm from my body”- Nebula to Gamora

(This line touched me a whole lot; in as much as winning is good, affecting life positively, not forgetting those that showed you true love and not using people and appreciating things is very important. Let Love guide our actions and we can never fail.)


He might have been your father boy but he wasn’t your daddy…” Yondu’s words to peter… (We talk of mothers love every time but we should take out time sometimes to recognise a fathers love, he might not be as expressive as the mother and his love might be termed tough love but it is also true, it is also sacrificial and it is very real, the man that brought you to the world might be your father, but a true Daddy is one whose love shines through maybe not in words but loudly in his actions.)


We are friends………. How can you be friends when you all argue a whole lot…..because we are family.” Gamora, Nebula and Drax’s conversation.

Sometimes that thing you are searching for your whole life is right there beside you all along u don’t even know it” Peter at Yondu’s funeral (enough said..)


The storyline was weak if we are being honest, though everything else made up for it. Parents play a huge role in the lives of their children and can determine the adults they grow up to be. No one deserves to be neglected or not shown love; NO ONE!!


Marvel have perfected the art of making sure their movie has a sing along feel, a beautiful harmonious feel regardless of the action and violence you just see the bright lights and cannot go 10minutes without having something to smile about (this is an aspect DC would have to work on, everything does not have to go all grey and gloomy, the world needs hope). Groot also shows us the many stages of children, you got to be patient with them. Rocket and Yondu showed us some people are really starved of love and they need all the patience and love to get over such a past. People need love. Great storyline meeting his dad villain, great costumes (if you have any word better than great it would be appreciated now). The cinematography and continuity was excellent. The views where beautiful and the acting believable. The fight scenes where insanely good. I cannot believe all Vin Diesel had to do was say “I am Groot” lol…The Bants and subs where tight… We know who to look out for in the next volume but put in mind all the Marvel movies are leading up to the INFINITY WAR so watch closely and don’t forget everyone as a part to play.


I will rate it a 4 star…. I rarely do that but Groot gave the movie the extra score if for nothing else lol….. Up next on my movie review Despicable me3……T21

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    • I apologise High Lord Closet snob LMAO!!! “I’m Mary Poppins y’all…. How did he ever think that was a good thing still beats me lol… Amazing bants, i am sure the script writer of those bants came from your planet Snobville lol….. over and out…. T21


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