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battery issue

Birthday Shoutout to a special person, a father to many, a mentor and a wonderful personality Daddy Folarin and to a good friend turned brother Nurudeen. May God bless you both.

P.S Nuru we are coming to eat rice this time next year ooo (I am sure you understand what I mean)

Did you miss Obaz? so some people asked for the concluding episode of what happened to me and the car that night, so I have decided to complete the story and let you all know that though there are many evils in Nigeria we still have some few good men.

So I went in search of the battery and got a man who would rent it to me, but there was a problem, he said he could not give me because he had done such favour to many in the past and they never came back or returned the battery and due to the time he could not follow me with the battery. I was in limbo, how else was I going to convince this man that I was one of the good guys and how else was I going to let him know if the car sleeps where it was parked those louts would be back to finish what they started, they probably would steal every part of the car and leave it plain. I looked this man in the eye and told him, “I will return your battery to you, you have my word that is the only thing I can give you at this very point, but first thing tomorrow morning I will come back with your battery and hand it over to you, I know you probably have lost faith with Nigerians and their failed promises but let me be the one to change that mind-set and show you there is still a glimmer of hope for our country”. He thought about it for a long while and said, he was going to give me and this would be the last time he would trust someone, my first example of a good man, I paid him for the rent and he subsequently escorted me to where the car was and put the battery in, but that was not to be the end of my tale that night.

So after the WWE men and the kind Man who gave me his battery for the night without any collateral all that spanning two hours, we started the journey again. Something told me everything was not alright but I kept at it. And after 30 minutes of drive, the car started jerking again, and the worst happened, the car stopped and did not start again. I was beyond livid but the James bond in me kicked in, I saw a filling station locked for the night, I gathered courage and opened it, pushed the car inside the filling station with the windows unable to go up due to it being controlled by the battery which was dead (the rented one). Did I also mention I could not lock the car also because that too was controlled by the battery, I just laughed and said que sera sera, said a little prayer and my colleague and I left to get a bus home. If I thought the area boys would be stealing from a locked car back then when it first stopped, this time anyone could walk up to the car and freely take anything, it was begging to be taken.

I got home, worried as anything, but I said something to myself what would worry solve? And I slept soundly. The next day I got there early and to my surprise (yes I was surprised because I actually thought something was going to go missing) the car was intact. Then I walked a little closer and then this security guard on duty approached and asked me if I owned the car, I answered affirmatively, he said he saw the car around 3am (someone was sleeping on duty because I parked the car around 10pm, opened the filling station gate and no one stopped me but we would let it fly because of what happened next) checked and saw the windows where down and the door opened and he kept watch over it till now. I thanked him a whole lot for the kind gesture, he could have taken something himself but he did not. I went with a mechanic and once the car was fixed I went back to the man I rented the battery from to return his battery and fulfil my promise to him, he was excited and did not actually believe it. I told him we still have some few good men around, of which you are one of them, he replied and said I was too. That is how the story ended. I was relieved, my car was saved and I discovered two good men showing great attributes in a time of distress. This is a plea in this country of uncertainty, corruption and evil, why don’t you be the shining light in your street, your community, your state and nation. Because of you let someone have faith again in his environment, faith and hope. Dare to be different..

Do not miss the next episode of Lagos happening, my encounter with the MEN IN BLACK… The Police.

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