Hurricane Harvey



I am sure we are all aware about the recent happenings in Houston United states and the devastating effect of the Hurricane in that part of the world. My heart and prayers go out to the victims and people living and working there, it cannot be easy seeing everything you have worked for just being swept away, the memories and even lives lost, may their soul’s rest in peace.

Two things though I want to talk about in this write-up amidst the tears, gloom and doom befalling the city in which airlines have forecasted the loss they would make some running up to the budgets of some countries; Insurance advisers talking about majority of people not having flood insurance and how those that would survive would have to go into deeper debt just to get their lives back after the storm passes and many more, is the message of one man and the acts of several which I would write down here;

The man lost it all to the flood except his son and when the reporters asked him, his message was simple but profound, “it might seem I have lost it all but I have my life and I have my son and for this I am deeply grateful” This shouted out to me, he was willing to see the positive in this rather gloomy situation he found himself and though the debts might be heavy, though the journey back to normalcy might be long and painful, though things might not be the same for him as it once was, he was willing to be thankful. That to me is very deep and I enjoin someone reading this today never to give up hope, never ever think it is over even when you are backed up against the wall and it seems it is all but over, look up and believe, because in as much as there is life there is still hope for a brighter day.

The second part is the selfless nature of man, in adversity people are united, forgetting religion, colour, gender and class putting hands together to relieve those that have been affected and rescuing those still trapped. I read of a cop that worked tirelessly for 12hours straight only to collapse and sleep when he had the chance, people giving to a worthy course. I believe in the human race and I believe that we still have good on the inside of us, though there are some bad eggs amongst us never ever give up on our race instead try to be the light where ever you find yourself, be the hope, be the gift and in your own little way try and put a smile on the face of all… In the end it is not about the money made, our the expensive cars driven but the memories made, the acts of kindness done, the hope given and the selfless acts shown to all.

To the Victims of Sierra Leone, to the Victims of Houston, you will be remembered..

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