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Buhari Is Back..

Let us start with our President Muhammadu Buhari, Baba seems to be looking good, I personally pray he recovers fully to be honest and finish his tenure in peace and good health but I have some advice though, Baba please do not be influenced to run in the 2019 election, you have done good, just step down, your life is more important than power. Secondly now that you are back this should be a pointer to our healthcare system, we have bright minds out there that are Nigerians, you can bring them home and build facilities equal to the ones you saw there, equip it, employ enough manpower and stay back here and receive all the medical care you received there. It is shameful to say the list that the giant of Africa (if we can still call ourselves that) cannot boast of a well-equipped medical facility for its president enough said on this and finally you all that  travelled to greet him wasting tax payers money mbok you do well oo!! Let Baba rest now and use that same money to develop our nation, we are still in recession and not yet out of it the last time I checked.

*** According to his speech this Morning at 7am, it is time those that are crossing the line using secession stop and our security agencies not relax on past successes. Also everyone have the right to live and work at any part of the nation without oppression or violence to mention a few. It is time to start working for the betterment of the nation. Our excellency it is good to have you back.

World Athletics Meet 2017

Though the final race of Usain Bolt saw him pick up an injury in the 4x100M nonetheless it was a befitting goodbye to a true legend of the sport. Usain Bolt was emotional when he greeted everyone in the stadium goodbye for the last time before he retired, having given the sport 15years starting from the junior championship it has been an amazing run. Take a bow.

Caster Semanya of South Africa, is proving to be the main stay in the 800m females competition, she won gold in the Olympics and effortlessly did another in London effortlessly, if she keeps going like this the sky would be it for her.  African countries generally put up a great show and Kenya the brightest African country went home with five gold medals. Vanykirk also from South Africa in the 400M was amazing and dominating. It also not so pleasant either for Mo Farah who was beaten in the 5000Metres and was inconsolable after the race, better luck next time till you retire. Nigeria hmmmmm this one is a story for another day.

Trump Vs Kim

Please can this two men grow up and stop throwing tantrums all around. Nuclear bombs, missiles and guns are not toy, this is not the Wild Wild West. Lives of millions are at stake here and this two should learn that threats of strikes and counter strike would not help anyone, show of power and non-trying to back down is not a show of strength but of cowardice and weakness. One of them should be matured enough and call for dialogue even if the other is not willing and consider that this could escalate into a world war. I hope this goes away quickly.

The Premiership is back..

Ladies and gentlemen The English Premiership is back!! Hurray!!!.. I know the ladies, most would not want to hear this, but look at the bright side, most men would stay at home more with matches being played over the weekend lol. It is time for the banter, it is time to rep your club, and it is time to show who is boss. Manchester United seem to have started with great momentum beating west ham last week and Swansea by the same goal line 4-0, Manchester city also won 2-0, Liverpool were held to a draw by Watford 3-3, Tottenham beat Newcastle in their home 2-0 after a show of madness by Jonjo Shelvey, Chelsea the defending champions were beaten 3-2 by Burnley while Cahill and Fabregas both got a red card. Let the games continue.


In 2017, our Universities are still going on strike, this is just sad and totally disgraceful. We complain about the high cost of sending a child to a private university but the Government cannot even keep our federal universities opened. Those in ASUU also should find an alternative method of getting their demands met, because all this strike is not helping either them or the student, it personally hurts me because I went to a federal university and during my time I saw what a strike can do and how it does not help in any way. I ask myself every time, does the Ministry of Education not get allocation in the federal budget, asides salaries and all what do they do with the money? We need to start asking questions because it seems the same things that were taught 10years ago still remain the same things taught now. No equipment or facilities in our labs, not computers, no field trips and all. ASUU said the strike officially started on Monday 14th of August, I hope it does not last very long and a solution is agreed upon once and for all.

** News reaching us is that the Strike might be called off soon, hopefully it is

Fighting in EDO house of assembly…

When this news first broke out the first question that came to mind was, do this elderly men have children? Are they not ashamed at the show of shame caught on camera? Being chose to lead is not by force it is the choice of the people and if they don’t want you anymore, they have the right to say no more. It is not your right to be there, it is the people’s right, even if politics is being played to hoist you out, take it in good faith and step down. Let your conscience be the judge if you have done well or not. But no we also have to fight for power and hold it like our lives depend on it, we always have to fight anyone and anything that want to take our sits forgetting that, the main reason you were voted in, in the first place was to help the lives of the poor masses not enrich yourself or make yourself irremovable. It is a shame to see those who are supposed to be honourable, be excellent in their conduct act the show of shame, what legacy are you showing the generation coming behind. The word selfless is not in their dictionary at all, it is always about them their mandate and their goals but not the masses. Left to me all of them should be removed for such act of indiscipline and unruly behaviour.


Our hearts are with everyone in Sierra Leone regarding the recent mud slide in the country, our prayers and empathy, May the Lord rescue those trapped, comfort those that have lost someone, and give the people the strength to come out of this stronger. We stand united with you all.

BARCELONA: Say no to Terrorism of any kind.

Our hearts also go out with those in Barcelona and spain as a whole, the tragedy that happened is not pleasing to the ear in any way. Violence is never the answer no matter what, there is always another way. No matter the religion, your God can fight is own battles, if you are feeling marginalised, there is always a better way to address your issue, and if you are feeling superior please save it and don’t go around killing people. Like Obama said we are not born to hate, it is something that has been shown, taught and environmentally influenced on a child growing up and it is all or duty to cut it out. The last part of this message is for the racial attacks in the USA.

Finally my quote for the week: what is faith if we don’t endure when we are tested the most…

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