Usain Bolt

*My heart goes out to everyone that lost someone in the Anambra shooting of yesterday 6th of August 2017, may the Lord grant you succor in this grieving period and may those that perpetrated this act be brought to book. It is well… We remain United against such dastardly act against innocent lives. #violenceisnevertheanswer.  



This is a tribute to a man who has distinguished himself in a sport where hope was beginning to fade, a man that went against all odds to do the impossible and do it cleanly even when everyone was doping here and there, a man that brought back integrity, inspired, motivated and shun a light in the darkness of athletics, his name; USAIN BOLT. He is the Greatest Of All Time in the world of athletics.

He came humbly to the scene and no one gave him a chance because he looked too tall for a fast sport and with various myth about a tall athlete being less fast compared to his shorter counterpart, he immediately dispelled that notion when he went on to bring the World record for the 100M in a time 9.58s and if we all thought that was a fluke he did it again in the 200M in a time 19.19s, amazing feat you would call it, yes it was amazing but I had my doubt just like many did. I had a fear he was using performance drugs to enhance his races and in no time he would be found out, yes believe it as much as I loved him I was a non-believer and you cannot blame a brother for this notion because the sport I loved so much was being shown in a very bad light with each passing day. From the likes of Marian Jones to Justin Gatlin all used performance enhancing drugs to boost their performances, at some point Blake the running partner of Bolt was also found wanting and Asafa Powell at another time. But through all this scandal Bolt year in year out proved me wrong and won my likes over by coming clean year in, year out and doing it in grand style winning majority of his races. So it came as a surprise when he announced last year he was going to be hanging the boots in 2017 after the Rio Olympics in which he did the treble in Gold again for the third time (it must be stated one of the medal was stripped from him in the 4x100M due to one of his teammate testing positive for a ban substance).


His body was giving way, his injuries increased and his speed was slowing and he could tell and we his die-hard followers who were also objective could too. So it was a painful announcement to hear him saying he would retire and on the 5th of August 2017 in London he ran his very last individual race in the 100M. He came in third, Gatlin taking it away from him and another American Coleman coming in second. It was not the fairytale ending we all wanted for him, but Gatlin did something significant, bowed to an era ended, to a great man, a phenomenon, the G.O.A.T, A living Legend. I could go on and on.

usain bolt1

His final race would still come in the 4x100M and we are expecting the Jamaican quartet to take it and give him a ceremonious and well deserved farewell.

What can we take from such a man like BOLT. Honesty still pays, instead of cutting corners put in the work. Talent is one thing but it can never take the place of consistency, dedication and hard work. If your dream doesn’t result in your standing out in your generation then you have not started dreaming you are still existing. Finally no matter how life treats you remember to put a smile on your face, it is a charm that is contagious and might just be the hope someone needs to move on.


Usain Bolt thanks for the memories, thanks for the thrilling races, thanks for the competitive edge you brought into the world of athletics, thanks for the showmanship, it got so contagious they had to put his character in a football game PES 2018, yes Usain Bolt would be in the game and will definitely be the fastest man on the pitch. Thanks for breaking all the records breakable, thanks for giving us that extra, that much and made it look so easy. We actually thought it was a piece of cake not until we looked at the faces of your competitors especially Gatlin then we see just how much it takes to run that fast. You sure brought life, light and hope back to a sport almost dying and I am glad in my lifetime I could watch you run. Usain Lightning Bolt. Take a bow son you have more than deserved it. Posterity would always remember you. I know I will.

Usain Bolt…..

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  1. Toby I’ve not really watched the race but from the much talk and pictures , mehn I must see this race for proper analysis.
    seriously, Seeing Usian win has become something like a cliche. He would also be a god of the sprints. However, I must commend Gatlin. Omo he no easy to face someone like Bolt. see eh that Gatlin dey run like madman o. but it’s nice.


  2. You know this… but Gatlin runs like his life depends on it, like he is being pursued by a wild beast lol. But Bolt makes it look so easy, it is just deserving in the numerous races Gatlin cliches this final one from Bolt. Gatlin is older than Bolt which means he does not have much time again, we should critically look at that Coleman has a contender in the coming future, hopefully he is not doping… T21


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