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HOME Season Finale…

We have come to the end of this interesting series. I have grown so attached to the characters and I know you have too… I am sure you would enjoy one last read from this series and comment on your thoughts. Something is cooking though just anticipate….

home tobyland


“So you made it to the final young man?” Tori asked, “Of cause, what where you expecting, I am an Ajayi and nothing else but excellence is expected” TJ replied, “Oshey you are beginning to sound like your dad, I may begin to avoid you soon” “Com’on sis, can’t someone play with you again?” “Not that kind of play biko, let us leave that lines for dad joor” Tori replied and they both laughed. Mrs Ajayi was seen approaching with Dr. Ajayi from Gram-mii’s room, with a big smile on their face. “I am proud of you my son” Mrs Ajayi said as she gives TJ a big hug, “cut it out mum not the mushy thing” Tori cut in, “you are just being jealous, if you want one I can give my young lady” Mrs Ajayi replied and everyone laughed. “My son, I never thought I would say this but I am really proud of you, you actually stuck to your gun with the help of everyone I love, who by the way went against my instruction and betrayed me, but I see what they saw back then now, and I am thankful to God you are where you are now, and they played a part in it all. I watched the semifinal and you blew my mind and what you did for that young lady, was amazing. You actually gave everything up for someone and that kind of selflessness and love is rare, that is why I know you cannot get it wrong even if you take music as a full-time profession. I am proud of you son, very proud” Dr. Ajayi said, he proceeded to give him a hug with a tear rolling down the eyes of TJ, “thank you dad, you are my hero and my mentor and I appreciate your discipline, I will never disappoint you dad” it was an amazing sight to behold. Mrs Ajayi joined in the hug, after a while she stretched her out for Tori, but Tori politely declined “I’m good mum”, “you will never change my love” Mrs Ajayi replied. The stranger kept on looking at the Ajayi family with a sad expression on his face.

Back at the rehearsal venue for the last contestant, Tj is seen walking in, he finds Jemi and quickly walks towards her, “Hey beautiful”, “hey handsome” Jemi replied, “What are you up to?” TJ said, “I am trying real hard to beat you boy, you are my only competition”, “the real Jemi is back, too much Juice too much sauce” TJ sings melodiously, “cut it out boy, you better not fall for me, my specialty is using people’s weakness remember” “whatever I know there is good on the inside of you my darling, and I choose to see only that”, “You know you are an amazing young man, do you know that? And I hate the fact you are so nice even when I try really hard to get you to do otherwise” “thank you for the compliment dear, maybe you are the one tripping now, who knows”, “You would have to find out after this competition” Jemi winks as she walks away. TJ was left with a smile on his face.


It is that time you all have been waiting for, yes it is the season finale of Nigeria sings and it promises to be electric, I am so elated I cannot keep calm, too much passion, too much love from the fans, too much apprehension and the social media space is buzzing, #NigeriaSings is number one around all platforms in Nigeria and Africa, let us make it trend even further people, keep tweeting, send those sms to 21012, your Facebook messages also would not be left unattended to, if you are in the venue or watching from your home, keep using the hashtag and sending in those pictures, and yes our facebook, Instagram stories would be live in five minutes, let us break the net, we are Nigeria, we do what we like, shout out to wizkid’s sound from the other side, you making us proud and to Davido, all the success fall on you, Teckno you also are seen, that pepsi stunt was well received. Back to the show, ARE YOU READY TO GET SERVED?!!! Let us take it LIVE!!! I remain your girl Debbie and I was dressed by Debiblaque, patronize Nigeria to grow Nigeria ….Boom shaka!!!

At the venue, Dr Ajayi, Mrs Ajayi, Tori can be seen in the audience, in the special sit left for family of the finalist, it was amazing the noise from the audience and the Ajayis where not left out from the shouting and razzmatazz, it was electrifying. While the audience was in fever pitch waiting for the show to start and the Judges making their way to their sit, Dr Ajayi’s phone vibrated and he picked out his phone from his pocket. It was a text message from his assistant. It read “I am sorry sir I know where you are that is why I did not call, your mum unfortunately passed away a little while back. I am so sorry, my condolences sir”

Dr. Ajayi stared at his screen for a long time and the world around him was shut out till he got a little shove from Mrs Ajayi who had a worried look on her face, “what happened sweetie?”, “It is nothing my darling, just work related” Dr Ajayi lied, “let us enjoy the show and cheer TJ to victory” “Thanks for doing this sweetie, TJ would be extremely happy” Mrs Ajayi said.

The contestants started coming in and the competition starts in earnest. It was the turn of Jemi (she sings Johnny drilles Romeo n Juliet). The crowd went into a frenzy, it was an amazing rendition, then it was the turn of TJ to come up last, TJ went for something more classical (styl plus runaway). The crowd could not contain their selves after such a piece and the judges gave their assessment before the second round of songs which would be the ones written.

“This beautiful people are giving their all, this is one very tight final if you ask me” Kenny said, “people can you feel their vocal prowess?” The crowd shouted affirmatively. “I am glad I am a part of this, and left to me they would keep singing on and on, because I can’t seem to get enough, can you house?” Sade said and once again the crowd replied with positive energy. When the crowd quiet down just a little bit more, Cobhams gave is own verdict, “for me two people stand out and that is Jemi and TJ, their rendition was beautiful and this next set of singing would determine a whole lot for me, who is the better composer and can turn it up even with their own song, that would be the deal breaker for me”. “You have heard it from the Judges, people and now we would have to take it back to the stage for one final round of singing.

Meanwhile Dr Ajayi could not take it any longer, his eyes became hot with tears, Mrs Ajayi noticed and she held his hand tight, “it was Gram-mii wasn’t it? About the text earlier” She said, “yes darling, Maami is gone and I was not there to even wish her goodbye” Dr Ajayi said trying to be strong, Mrs Ajayi held him close and whispered, “she would have wanted you here, with TJ supporting him to victory, she would have been proud that you finally saw what she saw all along in TJ and you are in full support, she is smiling down right now and saying Rotimi ori e wa be” This brought a smile on Dr ajayi’s face, “it is something she would most likely say. Thank you darling, I don’t know how the kids would even take it” Dr Ajayi whispered back. “I know Gram-mii is gone, let me be the one to tell TJ” came Tori’s voice, startling her parents she had her gaze fixated on the stage, “and please do not go all emotional on me, I will handle things my own way” she continued. “I am sorry Tori, I am not surprised at your reaction. You are strong, just like her. She always said you took after her and I am blessed at such strength you exhibit, though I don’t say it often, you are a wonderful young woman, I am proud to be your father and you my daughter and I love you very much” Dr Ajayi said, “I love you too dad” Tori said after a long while, with her voice trembling, she eventually gave way to the tears and it came uncontrollably. Mrs Ajayi gave her a big hug, “I told you not to go all mushy, see what you made me do now dad” Tori said still trembling, they all laughed with the tears still flowing. “I miss her a lot mum, I miss her, she went too soon” Tori said, “I know my love but she is smiling down you can be rest assured my love” Mrs Ajayi replied.

After all four had sung their song, it was the turn of TJ, “this is totally not planned at all but I would like to invite my mum and sister to sing this song with me. It was composed by my mum and I did a little remix with my sister on it, but she has a part to play in this song and I want to share the stage with both loves of my life, dad I am sorry but you know how it is” TJ said, and the crowd laughed. This brought the crowd on their feet clapping. Mrs Ajayi and Tori where in shock and could not believe their ears. They made their way to the stage and microphones provided for them. It was a beautiful duet with TJ and Mrs Ajayi while Tori rapped to the melodious tune.

A standing ovation was given, and it went on a full minute, “amazing!!!” the judges kept saying as they made their way to the stage to hug Mrs Ajayi and Tori.  After making his way to the backstage, TJ met Jemi who had a smile on her face, “show off, you didn’t tell me you had something like this planned?” “Well I wanted to surprise you darling, besides you have taught me well to keep my cards close to my chest”, “You are learning TJ, I am proud, now come here” Jemi said and hugged TJ tight, “whoever wins TJ, I would always appreciate you for making me see life in a totally different way sweetie”, “You are amazing darling, let us get this competition out-of-the-way first and I will tell you just how amazing you are”.

“It is finally here, the moment we have all been waiting for, it is the announcement of the winner of Nigeria sings and I got my fingers crossed for this one, it has been weeks of outstanding performances and breathtaking singing, it is so sad it all has to come an end this night, but like the saying goes, everything with a beginning must surely have an end. So over to the man to bring in the results from voting and all, Mr Nwani are you with the envelope that contains the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st runner-up with the winner also?” Debbie said, “Yes I am Miss Debbie” Mr Nwani replied handing over the results. Debbie collects it and proceeds to continue talking, “you can see it has not been tampered with, so I would be the first person seeing the results after it was collated. Are you ready for this?” the crowd shouted a big yes!!!

The results were called and it came down to the last two, Jemi and TJ. Now it is really electrifying people, just two people and we will know our winner. Because if I call the runner-up we already know the winner, I would just go straight to the envelope of the winner. Let me state here that the winner would be going away with a 3year recording deal, a brand new Peugeot 301 and 10million Naira, while the runner-up would go home with 5million and a Peugeot 607. Judges any last words before I announce the winner?” “they have been both great, whoever wins it for me deserves it and they both would do great outside there which is the ultimate goal” Sade said, “you guys rocked the stage especially during the duet, and I hope to see a collaboration from you both soon” Kenny said. “I hope for a successful career for you both, feel free to buzz me up let us do something together in the studio, I would love nothing else than to work with amazing talents like you both”Cobhams said. “whao!! Even without announcing the winner big plans are on the way for these two already. I see DonJazzy in the house now that is something, also a rep from Starboy records… let me not go on, you all want to know the winner” Debbie said, and the crowd who could not wait any longer shouted for the results.

……..and your winner is……………. Your winner is……………… JEMI!!!!!… The crowd went into singing and shouting, TJ gave Jemi a hug and the tears began to flow down her face, she could not believe it, she had actually won it. She kept asking TJ if it was a dream, “you deserved it girl, you have the spotlight now. It is yours love take it, now the world awaits” TJ replied, “thank you TJ, I want to share that world with you” and she pulled him close and kissed TJ. The crowd went into further shouting, and everyone was on their feet now. Tori proceeded to put her hands over her parents face “she kissed him not the other way around mum and dad” she said, “he will have to explain that to me when we get home” came the reply from Dr. Ajayi with a smile on his face. It was an amazing evening. Presentations were done and pictures taken.

TJ found his way to his family and hugged them all, “I am sorry I could not win it” TJ said, “don’t ever be sorry for anything, especially when you put in your utmost best son, we are all proud of you son” Dr Ajayi said, “yes we are my son” Mrs Ajayi put in, then the hugs went on. “I have something to tell you though TJ” Tori cut in, “what is it my sweet rap goddess of a sister?” “Gram-mii is no more, she has passed away”. Everything came to a halt for TJ…………..

Back at the Hospital… 

“That is Dr. Ajayi’s mother, don’t move her yet” said the PA to Dr Ajayi, “I will fill in the necessary papers and get back to you. Just keep this place closed ok?” the PA said directing it to the nurse on duty.

A while later the strange person could see the door leading to Gram-mii’s room unattended to, took the opportunity to sneak in without anyone noticing and closed the door behind him. “Ayo! Ayomi ti lo (my joy has gone)” he sobbed, “mo ti se e (I have offended you), how would you ever forgive me now, I really did try to come in but I was too ashamed, after all I have put you through, I did not deserve you at all, and now I will forever live in constant agony and regret. I gave you sorrow for all the joy you brought my way Ayo, I turned your love around and I scorned you, got lured by the things of this world, all was vanity, look at me now, helpless, broken, useless and now I couldn’t even find redemption, I was too late” the tears continued flowing down his eyes uncontrollably, “please come back to me Ayo, please do not go. Let me see your face this one last time, tell you just how sorry I am and if you never want to see me again I would understand. Let me take your place Ayo on this dying bed, I cannot go on without you. Life has been a nightmare without you. Please come back to me” the stranger starts singing.

If only I got this one chance

If only I can tell you how much, I am sorry

If only you could see me all broken

If only you could know how deep the pain runs

I am sorry; for all the pain and the hurt

I am sorry; for everything I ever did to break your heart

I am sorry; for walking away and never looking back

Just give me one chance to write my wrong…

The stranger kept on singing melodiously and the pain and hurt could be heard in his voice, he shut his eyes tight has he held one of the syringes in his hand. He was about to end things when a very tiny whisper was heard, “Ba-ba Rotimi”, this made the stranger stop, he opened his eyes suddenly and his hands trembled uncontrollably, the syringe dropped off, “Ayomi, you are alive?! The doctor certified you dead, I saw them remove you from life support, are you a ghost or am I dreaming?” “kilo ma she yii (what is wrong with you), I should have just allowed you kill yourself sef hian” Gram-mii replied, “Ayomi is back, there is no mistaking that, you are truly alive” the man shouted in excitement with tears still rolling down, “this one you are jumping, e ma lo para yii (don’t go and kill yourself) e ti da gba ooo (you are old ooo)” Gram-mii interrupted, “you can never change sha Iya rotimi. I wonder what made you change your mind and turn away from death?” “Ebere!! When you were shouting and using that horrible voice of yours to call me back nkan, death could not stand it and let me go shiyo!!!” “You mean that same voice that swept you off your feet and melted your heart years ago?”, “oh pls, don’t fool yourself Baba Rotimi, I am still very much angry with you” and the room turned solemn and moody immediately, “you have every right to be Iya Rotimi, I did wrong by you and by Rotimi and I apologise from my heart” the man said, kneeling down and asking for forgiveness from Gram-mii, “kolewerk joor, maybe you should prostrate, just maybe I might consider” Gram-mii said cheeky, “Haba Ayo, mo ti be ee (I have asked for your forgiveness), I am sorry, I will spend the remaining few days of my life trying to make it up to you and my son”, “don’t forget to add your grandchildren too and our daughter inlaw” Gram-mii cut in, “and them too Ayomi, so am I forgiven?” “After waking me up from eternal rest, what can I do eeeh, I have to forgive you nii, because you don’t intend allowing a sexy hot lady like me go. I just knew you were trouble the first day I met you sha but your voice captivated my heart and would not let me be sha even in death”, they both laugh. That instant the PA rushed in, saw Gram-mii awake and passed out, the nurse was in shock, “I saw you die with no pulse at all” she stuttered, “well young lady, death does not order Gram-mii around, she goes when she wants to and right now is not time for her to go, so don’t act surprised. I just needed my son to spend more money on me and bring this old school of a man around. Have you met my husband, don’t let him fool you with his sexy voice” they all laughed, though the nurse was uneasy, she ran for the doctor.


TJ was inconsolable, Mrs Ajayi hugged him tight, but he was not to be consoled, then Dr. Ajayi’s phone rang again, it was his PA, he was not in the mood to deal with the paperworks, so he cut the line, but she still kept calling and he knew something was wrong, if only he knew everything was right. “Doctor! Doctor!! Your mum is alive” came the voice, “she is alive” the PA continued shouting, “I cannot make sense of what you are saying, are you alright Gladies? Are you sure you have not been drinking or something?” Dr Ajayi fired back, then Gram-mii’s voice came on, “Omo mii will you come and take me out of this hospital, you know how much I hate hospitals and you brought me here, o fe jigba abi (you want to be flogged?)?” Dr Ajayi limped for joy with his puzzled family looking at him quizzing, “what is going on ooo Dad, are you okay like this?” Tori asked, “I am fine, apparently a miracle happened and Gram-mii is alive”, they all bust out laughing, crying and dancing it was a beautiful sight to behold.

After so much chitchat, someone tapped TJ, “errr son, I love your vocals, I am DonJazzy” “we know!!!” the Ajayis said in unison obviously star struck, everyone laughed, “okay ooo, I just want TJ to consider joining Mavin records, swing by my office and if you have a lawyer also bring him along let us start-up your music career”. TJ Jumped for joy and gave Donjazzy a big hug. Then someone else approached from Sony Music and TJ could not contain his excitement. This was a dream come true and he was beginning to live his dream, Dr. Ajayi warned though that a clause would be put in his contract, he would have to finish school which was a priority and no one complained.

Jemi came towards the Ajayis, gave TJ another big hug, “Jemi meet my family, everyone meet bae Jemi” TJ said, “hello Bae Jemi” everyone said in unison and another round of laughs. “So you are the lady that oppressed my brother shey, it is understandable my brother would want a lady like his sister, strong, opinionated and would not take NO for an answer” Tori said, “Com’on sis, not here!!!” TJ countered, “Don’t mind him, I like you already and I feel we will get along real good” Tori continued, “Yes we will” came the reply from Jemi, “by the way on a professional note, my first single I am featuring you TJ” Jemi said, “I would have been heartbroken if you did not” TJ replied, “don’t you just love, love.. Reminds me of your father and I” Mrs Ajayi said, “errrrr.. I think they are still too young sha ooo” Dr Ajayi said… “Daddy yo!! I would not expect less from you” Tori replied, “Wa bayii” came the reply from Dr. Ajayi. Tj tapped Tori and said, “Look sis, someone is waiting for you”, “Who?!” Tori asked, as she turned, standing was Nuru, he did not travel again after all.


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